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Exclusive Interview: Reverend Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson discusses Voter Registration, MLK50, and the state of Healthcare in this exclusive interview. Listen Below:
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Elvis Presley’s Graceland to Host Holiday Concert Weekend December 14-15

There’s no place more magical than Elvis Presley's Graceland® at Christmas. On December 14 and 15, 2018, Graceland will host a special weekend of holiday music and activities highlighted by three incredible live concerts on the Graceland Soundstage at Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment and exhibit complex: Christmas with Elvis with Live Orchestra; An Elvis Gospel Christmas and Elvis Live in Concert. Anyone attending these concerts will receive free admission to Elvis Presley’s Memphis at 3:00 p.m. that day where they can visit two newly expanded exhibits: ICONS: The Influence of Elvis Presley and Presley Cycles. The weekend will also include several unique holiday activities such as a “Christmas at Graceland” Archive Presentation, Christmas Tips, Tricks and Crafts seminars at The Guest House at Graceland™ hosted by Lifestyle Expert JJ Keras, who has been regularly featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America, and a special screening of the Hallmark Channel’s movie “Christ…

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence vocally speaks out against Memphis instant runoff Voting

Yesterday the Save IRV Memphis Campaign released this video featuring Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence encouraging Memphis voters to support Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) on November 6, 2018.The video release is the latest chapter in her post-partisan effort to help pass structural political reforms across America that stop political bribery and fix our broken elections.
 Jennifer Lawrence is a board member of RepresentUs, the nation’s largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign. RepresentUs is supporting the Save IRV Memphis campaign and encouraging its local members to vote “no” on all referendum in the Memphis 2018 Election. 
“It’s inspiring to see Jennifer Lawrence using her platform to fix our broken political system. Politicians helping themselves instead of the voters is all too common in Memphis and around the country,” said former City Council Chair Myron Lowery, a board member of Save IRV Memphis, the local grassroots group urging voters to vote “NO” on all ballot questions.



Vera Lee House, owner of the birthplace of Aretha Franklin, will be back in Envionmental Court on Tuesday, October 16.House will present Judge Patrick Dandridge with a proposal that community leader Patricia A. Rogers assisted her for the property to remain at its original location at 406 Lucy Street.  Rogers will present the judge with a sponsor who will be donating the materials to rehabilitate the famous home where Aretha Franklin was born. 

“Vera House is a major stakeholder in the famous property,” Community leader Patricia Rogers said. “Vera and her children have a legacy at the birthplace of the Queen of Soul where 12 children were raised.  Vera should be commended for holding on to the property for over 35 years with many financial challenges.”

An Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Is Happening

2019 will see a tour of Amy Winehouse via hologram, because the world is truly evolving too quickly for any of us to really sit down and wrestle with the ethical questions of what we can do versus what we should do when it comes to technological advancement.

Winehouse passed away in 2011 at the age of 27 after a very public battle with substance abuse. She leaves behind an astonishing catalog of music that she brought to life via an unmatched vocal talent. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, says all the money from this upcoming tour will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity that helps young people battling addiction issues That’s an unambiguously good thing and the fact that Winehouse’s father appears to be good with the hologram situation is reassuring, but the tour still raises broad moral concerns about the best ways to honor the legacy of deceased artists. The question came up at least year’s Super Bowl during Justin Timberlake’s Prince tribute, despite Prince’s very cl…

Impossible Foods, White Castle & Wu-Tang Clan Team Up To Feed & Entertain You

"WU TANG IN SPACE EATING IMPOSSIBLE SLIDERS" is a four-part online series staring Wu Tang Clan members RZA (having uploaded his consciousness into the computer RZA 9000), GZA and Ghostface Killah aboard their spaceship, the Wu-F-O, orbiting Earth while answering questions left by fans at 1-833-4-SLIDER and eating White Castle’s new all-vegetarian Impossible Slider (RZA and GZA are both vegan, while Ghostface Killah is a vegetarian). Watch the series’ teaser video at Fan questions run the gamut from the sublime (“What is the meaning of life?”) to the practical (“Should I stay in school?”) and even the silly (“What is my dog thinking?”). The series’ first episode focuses on the theme of perspective. RZA, GZA and Ghostface Killah marvel at planet Earth from outer space, take relevant questions from fans, invite a six year-old child on board the Wu-F-O and watch a Moonfight between two extra terrestrials. Forthcoming episodes focus on th…

Marvel is Developing a New Female-Centric Series for ABC

Marvel has really been dominating lately in its field of female-forward action. And while we’re stoked about Captain Marvel coming to theaters in March, it would be cool to see more female superheroes on TV as well, to get us through while we’re in between Marvel films. Now, with the MCU thriving on streaming services, an all-new female-centric Marvel series in in the works over at ABC.
In typical Marvel fashion, details about the series are being kept on the DL, but we do know this: ABC has committed to an hour-long drama starring the lesser-known female characters within the MCU. The series is being written by Allan Heinberg, who crafted DC’s big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman. This leaves us to question what qualifies characters as “lesser-known.” She-Hulk? Kamala Khan? America Chavez? All well-known to the comic community, but not so much to MCU buffs. It’s also worth mentioning that this announcement comes shortly after Marvel Studios announced plans to develop several live-actio…

Relationship Expert: Marni Kinrys Explains Why You Keep Talking About Your Ex

Relationship coach, dating expert and men’s ‘wing girl’ Marni Kinrys is speaking up about relationships with past loves - and whether or not it’s a good idea.
“My clients often bring this up to me, and while it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, I can often very clearly see their reactions and emotions when they’re speaking, and that tells me a lot,” says Kinrys of the touchy subject. “It totally depends on what gender you are talking about - when men are over their exes, they don’t bring them up… if a guy is constantly bringing up his ex, in a not so nice manner and somewhat emotional way… he’s not over her.  “Women, however, are the opposite.  If she’s over her ex, she WILL talk about him.  She does this to subtly explain to her new man how she works and what she wants and what didn’t work for her in the past… it’s called third-wheel exing, bringing a third party into your dating life to help things move along more smoothly this time around.” Whether it’s for closure, …