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Exclusive Interview: Reverend Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson discusses Voter Registration, MLK50, and the state of Healthcare in this exclusive interview. Listen Below:
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Churchgoers Walk Out Of Kanye West's NYC Sunday Service

He showed up at Queen’s historic Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral on Sunday and shortly after the church’s typical Sunday morning service, performed his own Sunday Service, bringing in “dozens” of first-time guests in addition to Greater Allen’s usual congregation. The Daily Beastnotes that several members walked out during the performance.

Daily Beast reporter Brooke Leigh Howard turned in an unimpressed writeup, saying that “[t]he concept of ‘Sunday Service’—enlightening a younger generation through relatable music, a choir dressing to express themselves as individuals, and celebratory dancing—seems inspiring, if it wasn’t a Kanye West Experience.”

Dark Horse Comics Launches New "Stranger Things" Comic Series

Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date for STRANGER THINGS 4. But until then, Dark Horse is hoping to hold fans over with a new four-issue comic book series set in the show’s universe. The publisher has just revealed plans to launch STRANGER THINGS: INTO THE FIRE early next year. Into the Fire begins in 1984, one year before Stranger Things’ most recent season. It centers on two former Hawkins Lab test subjects who have been on the run ever since they escaped from Dr. Martin Brenner several years ago. Upon learning that the lab has shut down, they start searching for another one of Brenner’s victims, Nine. As if her destructive pyrokinetic abilities didn’t pose enough of an issue, Nine’s “shattered psyche threatens to burn them all to ashes if they can’t find her and free her from her own malevolent imagination.”
This obviously isn’t the first time that Dark Horse has played in the Stranger Things world. Last year, they kicked off Stranger Things: The Other Side, which recapped W…

Here's Six Free Games To Celebrate Batman's 80th Anniversay

Batman Day is happening this Saturday, September 21 and it marks the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight. Fans around the world will celebrate in their own special ways. But Epic Games may have one of the best promotions yet, as it’s giving away six of Batman’s greatest games free of charge.

All six titles are available for download here, as part of the latest promotion for the Epic Games Store. The most notable titles are in the Batman: Arkham Collection, produced by Rocksteady Games. It includes Batman: Return To Arkham (the remastered versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City), Batman: Arkham Knight(with all of its downloadable content) as well as three additional titles in the Lego Batman series. This includes the original game, as well as the sequels DC Super Heroes and Beyond Gotham.


This week, singer Fantasia was a guest on The Breakfast Club radio show, and the topic of marriage and prayer came up. When one of the male hosts of the show talked about waking up with his wife every morning to pray, Fantasia said, “I respect that.”  Then she said, “We need more men to stand up and lead the way. Most women are trying to be the leader. That’s why you can’t find a man, You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way.”

When asked to explain her view, Fantasia said, “I feel like it’s a generational thing. We can go real deep on that … but it’s a generational curse and how society have placed our men. And women have to stand up and be the mother and the father and the provider and so then you so bad, so you can’t be told nothing, so that when the right man come, you lose him, because you’re trying to be the man.” She said that though the husband and wife are equals, “you have to let the man be the head of the house.” The comme…

R.E.M. releases never-before-heard song to raise funds for Bahamas hurricane relief

Iconic alternative rock band R.E.M. has shared previously unreleased song “Fascinating” to benefit global organization Mercy Corps’ Hurricane Dorian relief and recovery efforts in the Bahamas. Band members Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe recorded “Fascinating” in 2004 at Nassau’s Compass Point Studios. It is now available for download for the first time via: Fans can stream the song for free on Bandcamp and download it for a minimum donation of $2 or an amount of their choosing. Proceeds will go directly to Mercy Corps’ emergency response and recovery efforts in the Bahamas.  “Fascinating” first appeared on the original master of 2001’s Reveal before being cut last minute, and, in fact, was singer Michael Stipe’s favorite song from the Reveal sessions (according to guitarist Peter Buck’s recollection, as chronicled in David Buckley’s R.E.M. biography, Fiction). “It’s really beautiful,” bassist/keyboardist Mike Mills told Buckley. “It has a flute, oboe…


Lauren Daigle has announced that she’s headlining a world arena tour, kicking things off early next year in Australia before bringing the show to major venues North America in February before capping it all off with a summer performance in Lafayette, Louisiana, her hometown.
“This year has been life-changing,” said Daigle in a release. “There’s no better feeling than to be able to look out from the stage and see how people have connected with the songs on this album. Our shows feel like one big party of togetherness, and I can’t wait to create a whole new tour for 2020. It’s going to be so much fun!” It’s been quite a year for Daigle, who has smashed record after record with her platinum-selling Look Up, Child and its unbeatable lead single “You Say”. She’ll be joined by our pals Johnnyswim for a few of these dates, so there’s really something for everyone. Here’s the full list of dates for the Lauren Daigle World Tour, via Billboard. Jan. 18 — Palais Theatre — Melbourne, VIC, Austra…

HBO Launches Watchmen ‘Mask-off’ Contest

HBO is teaming up with Spark AR for a new promotion called “Mask Off.” The contest invites users to “create an AR mask effect for the Watchmen world.” It’s not an easy task, but a select few that are up to the challenge will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts.Three grand prize winners will receive a check for $10,000, and have their mask design featured on the official WatchmenInstagram and Facebook pages.

The five steps to enter are listed below, taken straight from the official contest page: Create an original AR Mask effect using Spark AR Studio based on the theme and details conveyed in the Watchmen Toolkit.Export and submit your effect for publishing to Instagram.Record a video (five to 20 seconds in length) demonstrating your effect.Publicly post your video on Instagram in-feed. Include 4 tags in the caption so we can find it:@Watchmen@SparkARCreators#SparkAR#WatchmenMaskOffContestComplete the Submission Form with the required information, including a link to your effect by…