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Exclusive Interview: Reverend Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson discusses Voter Registration, MLK50, and the state of Healthcare in this exclusive interview. Listen Below:
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Marvel is Developing a New Female-Centric Series for ABC

Marvel has really been dominating lately in its field of female-forward action. And while we’re stoked about Captain Marvel coming to theaters in March, it would be cool to see more female superheroes on TV as well, to get us through while we’re in between Marvel films. Now, with the MCU thriving on streaming services, an all-new female-centric Marvel series in in the works over at ABC.
In typical Marvel fashion, details about the series are being kept on the DL, but we do know this: ABC has committed to an hour-long drama starring the lesser-known female characters within the MCU. The series is being written by Allan Heinberg, who crafted DC’s big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman. This leaves us to question what qualifies characters as “lesser-known.” She-Hulk? Kamala Khan? America Chavez? All well-known to the comic community, but not so much to MCU buffs. It’s also worth mentioning that this announcement comes shortly after Marvel Studios announced plans to develop several live-actio…

Relationship Expert: Marni Kinrys Explains Why You Keep Talking About Your Ex

Relationship coach, dating expert and men’s ‘wing girl’ Marni Kinrys is speaking up about relationships with past loves - and whether or not it’s a good idea.
“My clients often bring this up to me, and while it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, I can often very clearly see their reactions and emotions when they’re speaking, and that tells me a lot,” says Kinrys of the touchy subject. “It totally depends on what gender you are talking about - when men are over their exes, they don’t bring them up… if a guy is constantly bringing up his ex, in a not so nice manner and somewhat emotional way… he’s not over her.  “Women, however, are the opposite.  If she’s over her ex, she WILL talk about him.  She does this to subtly explain to her new man how she works and what she wants and what didn’t work for her in the past… it’s called third-wheel exing, bringing a third party into your dating life to help things move along more smoothly this time around.” Whether it’s for closure, …

New Issue of ‘Batman’ Will Explore His Catholic Upbringing & Why He’s Not a Christian Anymore

The recent run of Batman comics by red-hot comic book writer Tom King has really leaned into Batman’s human side, exploring his loneliness, mental health and doomed romantic life more profoundly than any in recent memory. And now, it appears, the series is going to tackle yet another of the Dark Knight’s all-too-human experiences: lost faith.In a preview of an upcoming issue illustrated by Lee Weeks and released to Inverse, Bruce Wayne reveals that his father raised him as a Christian. Wayne’s father, as you may be aware, is no longer in the picture, and when he died, he took Bruce’s fledgling faith with him. No word on whether or not Bruce is going to rediscover his faith as part of this story, but he’s not in a great place, generally. His bride-to-be, Catwoman, stood him up at the altar and he’s in trouble with the law for possibly botching a case. So, if ever there was a time for Batman to turn to a higher power, it might be now.You can read the full preview here.

FEARLESS Examines the Reasoning behind Low Self-Esteem

Brian Begin, creator of men’s success community FEARLESS, has just released a new blog post on its empowering website about a common problem people face - the inability to move on from a relationship. In the article, ‘Start to Really Get over Someone by Asking Yourself this Question’, Begin encourages men to ask themselves what the person they’re fixated on offers that they don’t believe they can give themselves. “A while back I discovered – both in work with clients and in my own life – that asking this question really cuts to the core of why you’re having trouble truly letting someone go,” says Begin. “Once you have those answers, you know what beliefs you need to work on, and I link to meditative processes for that in the post as well.” Begin further explains that men need to be brutally honest about their beliefs and look pragmatically at their reasoning. If someone gave them love and happiness, can they not fulfill that love, self-esteem and validation themselves?…


Black farmers will have their first official federal court hearing in their class-action lawsuit against the billion dollar Stine Seed Company on Thursday, August 2 nd at 2 :00 p.m. It will take place in U. S. District Judge John T. Fowlkes, Jr.’s courtroom on the 9 th floor of the Clifford Davis and Odell Horton Federal Building at 167 N. Main. Thomas Burrell, president of the 15,000-member Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association (BFAA) headquartered in Memphis, says the farmers
are elated to finally get Stine Seed Company in the courtroom where they can layout their air tight case of how they targeted and sold fake soybeans seeds to Blackfarmers. The lawsuit was filed under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of 1970.“There is no defense here,” commented Thomas Burrell. “We are goingthrough the legal process and can prove what Stine already knows that their employees sold us fake soybean seeds.  We take on whoever violates our member’s constitutional rig…

STOP Holding onto Anger and Fear!

In a brand-new FEARLESS blog post, success and empowerment coach Brian Begin explains how men often feel trapped by anger and fear, and how to easily let go of them in ‘How to Release All Emotions’ at Releasing, also known as Letting Go or Allowing, is a focused meditative practice of processing stuck emotions, past experiences, limiting beliefs and other emotional baggage that is central to the work done in all FEARLESS intensive workshops. “I didn’t used to talk a lot about things like releasing publicly, because it’s pretty advanced stuff… it can be perceived as a little ‘woo-woo’ at first glance, and I wasn’t sure our audience - outside of established clients - would be into it,” says Begin. “But meditation is gaining mainstream attention these days, and when I tested it out a little on our YouTube channel, guys absolutely loved it, so I’m putting more of it out there on our website now because it’s such a transformative part of what we really do in our intensive…

Behind The Scenes of Deadpool 2