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Exclusive Interview: Reverend Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson discusses Voter Registration, MLK50, and the state of Healthcare in this exclusive interview. Listen Below:
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Behind The Scenes of Deadpool 2

Exclusive Interview: Professional Basketball Star, Sports Manager & Author Tywanna D. Smith

Tywanna Smith , is a professional sports manager, author and former professional basketball player.She is the author of Surviving the Lights: A Professional Athlete's Playbook to Avoiding the Curse. Tywanna Smith played college basketball for Ole Miss as a starter for four years. On March 4, 2004, in an SEC Tournament game against Alabama, she pulled down 13 rebounds, which is tied for the third best number of rebounds in an SEC Tournament game.

Exclusive Interview: Hoobastank

Grammy Nominated Alternative Rock Band, Hoobastank stops by the show to discuss their newest album, "Push Pull".

Exclusive Interview: Filmmaker Mac Schonher shares details on his new Instagram Web Series, " Hero Named Rush"

Hero Named Rush is a new micro-series written specifically for Instagram, about Arthur Kang, an average New Yorker, who suddenly and mysteriously acquires super speed. The world of digital video series doesn’t end with Amazon and Netflix original offerings, nor even with all of “Seinfeld” appearing on Hulu. In recent years, the quality and quantity of indie web series has skyrocketed, and there’s no limit to the brilliant entertainment you can find on Youtube, Vimeo, and even Facebook Video. Now Instagram has joined the 'Rat Race'.

To get a taste of all the web series the world has to offer, we checked out, the newest Instagram addition "Hero Named Rush" and were so impressed by the series that we just had to sit down a speak with the series creator Mac Schonher .

Here's a snippet from our conversation with the young filmmaker:
What have been some of your biggest challenges as a filmmaker and web creator?
As a filmmaker and web creator, one of the biggest challen…

Stream The #MLK50 Day of Remembrance at The National Civil Rights Museum

50 years ago a bullet silenced one of the 20th century’s most prolific and well-spoken leaders. In life, King urged people to change their way of thinking and to treat everyone with respect, kindness and fair sensibility. In his passing, the movement and dream that he loved so much and strived to see achieved in his lifetime is now a reality for millions of people living in the U.S. April 4, 2016 will be a somber yet joyful day of remembrance for the fallen hero. This day of remembrance will be marked across the country, including a "Breaking of the Chains" ceremony at the National Civil Rights Museum, which is on the site where King was fatally shot.

In honor of the legacy and many contributions of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, JR, WITIN RADIO would like to offer you the opportunity to stream coverage of #MLK50NCRM in memoriam to the slain civil rights leader.
The link to live stream is Here's a list of MLK50 Day…

Blue Apron Meal Kits Are Now Available In Stores

Blue Apron went public right after Amazon shook up the entire grocery game, and took over the meal kit market, with its buyout of Whole Foods. Since then, the meal-kit company has been struggling to prove it has a place in a world where raw groceries show up at your door just hours after you order them. It didn’t take a genius to see a pivot coming. The new plan for Blue Apron is essentially an inverse of its original model: Putting meal kits on shelves in grocery stores. The plan, as reported by Grub Street, is simple; instead of shipping the food to your door with cold-packs, it’ll be on the shelves. Pick a kit, buy it, and leave. It’ll be the same kit you get in the mail, with the pre-bagged ingredients, but likely more locally sourced. The main issue will be just how Blue Apron deals with competition, as competitors are building their own in-store meal kits. Whether Blue Apron will be a competing product, take over the meal kit jobs as a contractor, or fill in the gap for grocery…

Exclusive Interview: NBC Networks: 'This Is Us' star Isabel Oliver Marcus

You know her as Allison on NBC's hit series, 'This Is Us". The pretty red-head was plucked from obscurity to play Randall’s teenage girlfriend on the show, which has been a ratings juggernaut since its debut. Listen To Our exclusive now: