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Petition: Fans launch petition to switch a Confederate Monument to one of Missy Elliott In Her Hometown

Residents in Missy Elliott’s home town of Portsmouth, Virginia, don’t just want a Confederate monument to be taken down—they want it to be replaced with one of the hip-hop icon.The petition—addressed to the city’s mayor, vice mayor and members of city council, reads
Before she was “Missy Misdemeanor” she was Melissa Arnette Elliott, born on July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Hailing from humble beginnings as the only child of a power company dispatcher and a welder at Portsmouth’s lauded naval shipyard, she rose to become a platinum recording artist with over 30-million albums sold. All this without even once owning a slave.

Getting this statue put up will be a lot of work and you may ask yourself is it worth it? I say yes and ask you to join me in letting us work it. Together we can put white supremacy down, flip it and reverse it. So far, it’s been signed by about 25,000 people. You can go here to read the whole thing.
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The Atlanta Falcons Trained With Navy Seals To Prepare For Successful Season

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Monday following his team’s 34 to 23 victory over the Packers on Sunday night.  He talked a little about the win, how they did it and how they can improve, but the most interesting part was when Ryan discussed a little bit about the Falcons’ offseason training.
Ryan revealed that one thing Coach Dan Quinn had the team do during offseason was train with a group of Navy SEALS to learn how to mentally move on to the next “mission” or opportunity which Ryan says brought the team closer together. Diving deeper into Coach Quinn’s mindset, Ryan says since the first day Quinn stepped into the building he constantly talks about the most important day or meeting being the one that you’re in at the moment. It’s something that Quinn lives by and that mindset has translated to the team.

Chance the Rapper + Donald Glover"s MixTape Collaboration Is ‘Probably’ Happening

There have been rumors of a Chance the Rapper/Donald Glover mixtape pretty much since the two of them burst onto the national scene, but aside from a few live appearances together and the occasional single collaboration under Glover’s stage name Childish Gambino (which he’s allegedly retired), there haven’t been much more than just rumors.
But last night, after Glover became the first black person to win an Emmy for directing a comedy, he put some real weight to the rumors, saying it was “probably” going to happen. “I feel like if I don’t make a Chance the Rapper mixtape, a double mixtape, a bunch of 14-year-olds are gonna kick my a–. They stop me on the street and it scares me. It kind of scares me.”

Between playing the new, young Lando in Ron Howard’s Han Solo movie; Simba in Jon Favreau’s Lion King movie, and writing, directing and producing his own Atlanta series for FX, it’d be sort of wild if Glover found time to record anything in the next five years or so. But then, the dude h…

Spotlight: Renovo x Glenmorangie Bicycle Made From Whisky Casks

This Renovo x Glenmorangie partnership is a first of its kind venture to showcase the durability and versatility of wood by handcrafting responsive road bikes made out of wood from whisky casks, specifically Glenmorangie whisky casks:
” Every bike is made with about 15 Whisky barrel staves utilizing Renovo’s unique hollow frame construction process and designed to embrace the trapezoidal shape of each stave, as well as the curve of the barrel in the frame’s down and top tubes.”
These unique bikes require a deposit of $1,000 to purchase a frame. You can reserve yours by following that link below.

Here's Everything To Know About Google Pixel 2 Launch On October 4 – Latest Rumors ,Specs, Design, Features & Price

Apple’s iPhone X has dominated headlines the last week and now Google will attempt to wow consumers when they launch the Google Pixel 2 on October 4th.Rumors of the Google Pixel 2 have been swirling for months, but with only weeks away until the phone’s big debut, we have a pretty good idea on what the new handset will offer. The guts of the Pixel 2 are believed to have a brand new Snapdragon 835 or 836 processor (But most likely the 836, which is the same chip that powers the Galaxy Note 8 and other newer flagship phones), with 4GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage. The phone will ship with Android Oreo already installed. There will be two different sized phones, the smaller will have a 4.97-inch screen and the XL will have a 6-inch (Previous XL had a 5.5-inch screen) QHD AMOLED display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The new Pixel will go the route of the Samsung S8 and the iPhone X by ditching the bezels to make it less bulky but still have a large screen. The Pixel 2 is expected to have a me…

Here's an Animated Clip From Game of Thrones: Conquest & Rebellion Short

We are a long, long, long ways from seeing new “Game of Thrones” episodes. Season 8 isn’t expected to air until the earliest at Summer of 2018 or in a worst case scenario not until Spring of 2019. Production for Season 8 hasn’t even started yet and won’t start until October. So if you’re feenin’ for new and official “GoT” footage you can watch this animated clip of the history of Valyria and the Targaryens. HBO released a short sneak peek of their new storybook-style animated series called “Game of Thrones Conquest & Rebellion.” The 45-minute miniseries details the history of Valyria and why Aegon Targaryen and his family relocated to Westeros. The episode is titled “Valyria’s Last Scion: House Targaryen” and is narrated by “Game of Thrones” actor Harry Lloyd, who was Daenerys Targaryen’s brother Viserys.

Details Emerge For Game of Thrones Season 7 Digital, Blu-ray and DVD Boxsets

HBO today announced the Game of Thrones Season 7 Digital, Blu-ray and DVD release dates. The Complete Seventh Season will be available for Digital Download September 25th and on Blu-ray and DVD December 12th. You can pre-order Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season by clicking here.Available December 12th, The Blu-ray and DVD sets are packed with exclusive new bonus content, including audio commentaries on every episode, two new behind-the-scenes featurettes, and, for a limited time only, a bonus disc containing “Conquest & Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms,” a 45-minute, never-before-seen extension of the Clio Award-winning “History & Lore” features included on previous individual Blu-ray season releases. Narrated by some of the series’ biggest stars including Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), the companion piece to season 7 reveals the fascinating story of how the world of Westeros as we know it came to be – inc…

Here Are The New NHL Adidas Jerseys For All 31 Teams For The 2017-2018 Season

The 2017/2018 NHL season kicks off on October 4th, just a few weeks away, and adidas just announced that all 31 adidas adizero team jerseys will go on sale in just a few days. All 31 NHL team adidas adizero Authentic Pro jerseys will be available for purchase exclusively at NHL Team Shops later this week starting on September 15th. They will retail for $180 ($200 CAD). All 31 team jerseys will then be available for purchase on and shop.nhl.combeginning on September 22nd.  Here’s a look at all 31 of the adidas adizero Authentic Pro jerseys for the 2017/2018 NHL season: