Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get Your Music On The Rock Band Video Game!

For everyone who doesn't already know, Harmonix has opened up Rock Band to allow artists to upload their own songs for fans to download and play along with. It's an awesome opportunity to reach a huge audience and get your music some serious exposure. Plus, every time someone buys your song on the Rock Band network, you get paid. Of course, it's a little more complicated than just uploading your song to Rock Band, but there are some great companies out there that will take care of all the technical stuff for you Now more than ever it's important for artists to stay current and accessible.

Check out my top five reasons to get on Rock Band:

Reach a new global market: People all over the world play Rock Band, so why shouldn't they be playing your songs? Even one song could be the start of an entire fan base halfway around the world.

Viral explosion: Rock Band parties arepopular. All over, people get together, not only to play the game, but also to listen to new music. Between spreading by word of mouth and on-line resources like Facebook, Rock Band can be the start of a chain reaction of new fans.

Bring your fans to the next level: Everyone wants to be a part of the music. Give your listeners the chance to play along with you. You'll help create a deeper connection to the music for your fans.

Rake it in: Not only do you get paid when someone buys your song on Rock Band, but the increased fan base can also raise record and concert sales.

Stay Modern: Keep up to date on the latest ways to get your music heard and sold.