Saturday, February 4, 2012

International R&b, Soul, And World Artist Using Music As A Tool For Change

Jaway is a new and emerging artist that hails from Monrovia , Liberia in West Africa. The multi talented artist was raised by his single mother and survived a horrific civil war by a miraculous and gracious gift from a mysterious stranger. Although he is now a recording artist he was once very reluctant to pursue music and even embarked on his first musical experience " Kicking and Screaming".
His initiation into the world of music first took place when he was five years old, during which his mother had him join the church choir against his will. This act was said to instill discipline in him that we would be able to carry with him the rest of his life. Although Jaway was more interested in sports , he decided to stay with his musical endeavors and as a result he is the accomplished musician that he is today. Jaway was inseparable from his mother growing up ; the many hours spent singing and learning new songs was his was of gradually gravitating towards her. At the age of nine Jaway was the victim of civil war that tore his country apart. In an effort to get through the traumatic circumstances that were happening to him he began to write songs that helped him to cope with friends and family being massacred right before his eyes. Through these turbulent events Jaway realized that life is fragile and easily lost and that” everything here on earth is temporary".

The war raged six years before JaWay was fortunately able to escape and come to the united states. Upon arriving in the United States, Throughout these turbulent times Jaway continued to write music and sing and events such as karaoke bars and at weddings. Even though he was activley singing and entertaining Jaway never imagined that he would one day become a performer. In his home country of Liberia, Jaway was raised to understand that education is everything and that to become successful he must be educated. As a result of his childhood upbringing he decided to pursue his education. With hard work and dedication Jaway earned his MBA and moved to Los Angeles to accept a job offer.

Jaway finally decided to pursue music whole heartily after a gentleman heard him singing and gave him accolades in a local gym that he was working out in. From that day forward Jaway the performer was born ! Jaway's debut album entitled Decontee , does a good job of reflecting the emotions , thoughts and experiences of his life thus far. The album's unique name means "There is Time for Everything'. From his music Jaway seeks to invoke feelings of passion and soul while making a positive impact on the listener.

If you have never heard of Jaway , you do yourself a great injustice; as a nominated Liberian Entertainment Awards Artist of The Year, Jaway is destined for greatness ! To hear more of his powerful songs and to read more about his lyrics and experiences please check out: