Saturday, May 5, 2012

Please support our friend Groove Duke !

I'd like to share the story of a friend of mine named Mark. I know him as Groove Duke and I am one of his backers: In 2007, Mark woke up struggling to breathe: 12 AM. --- 1 AM. ---- 2 AM ---. By 3 AM he went to the ER. A Routine chest X-ray followed by a CT scan told the story: He was diagnosed with Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma... Cancer, and his life changed forever. He went to bed a man in his prime, but morning found him with a proverbial foot in the grave. Mark had a family. He had a plan. Now those plans seemed small and unimportant. He decided at that moment that he was going to dare to dream. He started Chemotherapy. But after 3 months the lymph nodes were still growing. He began a salvage therapy followed by consolidation therapy. But 6 months later the tumors were growing again. All this time he was dreaming. He began a new clinical trial one he continues to this day, But what of his dreams? What about my friend Groove Duke? Well, Mark had played in bands all his life, but never his own music....Until Now. Yes, he still has cancer, but it hasn't beaten him yet. Today he dreams of making an album, The kind you'd want to leave on the turntable or in the CD player or listen to over and over on your iPod. But the costs of living with cancer are overwhelming, not to mention making an album. Mark turned to for help in raising those funds and you can help. Every pledge at You'll find it at comes with a cool prize: these cool rewards become available when the drive is over and all are from the heart: T-shirts, CDs, and the super-special Limited Edition Vinyl EP entitled Galactic Paladin. This shortcut will take you directly to his project page on a popular fund raising site. That's Remember it's dot NET. But time is running out, this drive ends on May 20, so Pledge Now at