Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dame without a Dime: 2 years of untold struggle have taken their toll , bring back hope and help rebuild the lives of 50 Aussies !


My mum has always been a team player someone that others sought out for help and support. Now she needs your support, not only to resurrect her own life but to help others who because of her downfall are facing losing their homes, their peace of mind and their sense of security.
It has been a hard road over the last 18 months, it started with the malicoius actions of a man to bring down a business on the cusp of national success.  The investors were small investors, mums and dads, friends all with a vision of working together to deliver a cutting edge service and nearly $2 million was lost. In the midst of  the despair, decisons were questioned and the faith in one another eroded. On top of this, my Mums parents , Joy and Brian  became ill one after the other. Her parents had always supported her and now she was faced with trying to rebuild business to recover the investors losses and care for her parents. She tried to do both, however when both became hosiptalised for up to three months each she had to make a choice between her parents and making money. She choose her parents and has been caring for them as much as possible since November 2011.
She has now lost everything finacially and needs to start again - however her greatest concern is that others are facing the same future.It has been her greatest desire to recreate the money that the investors lost, many of the investors have become depressed and lost faith in themselves. Unable to move forward they are facing irreparable pain and further lost - please help them regain their faith in humanity. Mum has attracted mentors who have lost everything themsleves and rebuilt their life , they are willing to work with her and assist her however she needs some help to get things moving.At the moment within a few months, she may be homeless.