Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Official Show Sponsor: Instant Art

Founded in 1985 Instant Art has flourished as one of the world's leading online retailer for signs and symbols related to Safety, ANSI standards, Traffic, International Maritime and Tourism. Founder Alex Duncan founded the company in 1985 when Apple Computers were were beginning to redefine the design process and create the Desktop Publishing revolution. Soon Instant Art was being used as ClipArt and Publishing tools for Apple thus opening more doors to clients such as Schools,bUniversities, Media Companies and Government Offices. They used the emerging power of Post Script (.eps) format, allowing the printing of high quality artwork such as outline maps which were independent of pixelation problems enabling them to be printed at any size without any loss of resolution as opposed to the digital maps available at that time in pixel format which lost resolution if expanded in size. Instant Art has grown their credibility in the industry while making many more advancements throughout the years.To purchase product from Instant Art, please follow the link below: http://www.instant-art.com