Friday, April 19, 2013

Movie Review: 42

The WITIN RADIO staff had the opportunity to view a screening of the new Jackie Robinson Biopic; 42. The movie has received much criticism along with much praise. We have analyzed the film and would like to share our thoughts with you on 42,"The True Story of an American Legend". The film centers in on Jackie's struggle to play in the major leagues. The number 42 is symbolic because it belonged to Jackie Robinson and thus shows the integration of Negroes into the sport of Baseball. The film also centers in on the struggle of being a Brooklyn Dodger during the Jim Crow Era. As the film progresses we see Jackie present for the birth of his son and his preparation for spring training in Panama 1947. The audience does get the opportunity to see Jackie bat for his minor league team the Montreal Royals as well. The most rewarding thing about this film is that it does not sugarcoat anything. The audience does have the opportunity to witness Jackie's hard work and rookie year with the Dodgers but it also shows his struggles. One of the major themes in the plot of this movie is Jackie's struggle to gain acceptance from his fellow teammates: Eddie Stanky, Pee Wee Reese and Ralph Branca to name a few. Jackie's inner turmoil is also displayed as we see his struggle with having to hold back from fighting while constantly being taunted by racial epitaphs.The language can be considered rough in 42 however Boseman delivers and is believable as the legend himself. Harrison Ford and Nicole Beharie who play the Dodgers' Owner Branch Rickey and Jackie's wife Rachael respectively, also lend to best supporting roles. The film explorers topics such as love, adversity, hate, race and heritage in this 2 hour movie but ultimately is an underdog story. With strong christian undertones it can also be said that this is a film that details a portrait of a person who perseveres and succeeds where most would not. As for Spring 2013 films, 42 knocks them all out of the park !