Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Man With Iron Fists: DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Review

It has been several months since the home release of the Quentin Tarantino presents: The Man With The Iron Fists however if you have not seen the film yet please beware of possible spoilers. The film centers in on the exploits of several martial artists from various walks in life. Taking place in ancient China, an antagonist named Silver Lion kills Zen-Yi’s father, now he wants revenge. Later we find out that there’s a bunch of gold that is going to be kept at a brothel in Jungle Village. An English gentleman named Jack Knife played by Russell Crowe comes to the brothel demanding booze and 3 Geisha to start off with, then he kills a patron by gutting him. Later we are introduced to RZA, who plays the blacksmith who’s dating one of the brothels' most sought Geisha. To be most direct, everyone wants the gold and there’s lots of fighting. In the chaos that ensues A villain by the name of Brass Body (Played by. Dave Bautista) turns into brass and beats up the blacksmith pretty good, then cuts his arms off. As an act of kindness, Jack Knife helps the blacksmith put deadly iron fists where his hands used to be. Using the power of Chi, RZA becomes a sort of Doctor Doom able to do amazing feats. In the last act,Silver Lion's son Zen-Yi shows up and the 3 become buddies and decide to kill all the bad guys.Although the main character seems mysterious in the first half of the film later we see black and white flashback sequence showing how the blacksmith used to be a slave. These flashbacks show how our protagonist came to be. Although the film is Rated R for bloody violence, strong sexuality, language, and brief drug use it also lacks a strong coherent plot. At times the plot can become diluted and hard to follow. Despite all of these thing the film does have some redeeming qualities. RZA shows that with the power of will you can overcome even the most devastating circumstances. I applaud Russell Crow's portrayal of a selfish, drunkard that ultimately decides to help out a victim of unfortunate circumstances. This film is definitely not one of Quentin Tarantino better produced projects and RZA would benefit greatly if he could gain more insight into directing but despite the mishaps I give this film 3 out of 5. It is a decent popcorn flick for a Saturday evening or a great gift for those martial arts- action fantasy connoisseurs.