Tuesday, June 11, 2013

After Earth: Movie Review

Official Synopsis:

After Earth is a 2013 American science fiction adventure drama film directed by M. Night Shyamalan that he co-wrote with Gary Whitta based on an original story idea by Will Smith, about a military father and son crash landed on Earth one thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity to abandon it for a new home planet. The teenage son must save his dying father by trekking alone across the hostile terrain, encountering highly evolved creatures and a ruthless alien beast along the way, to recover their rescue beacon and also prove that he can live up to his father's reputation as a legendary soldier.


Released May 31st, 2013  After Earth is an Action-Science Fiction Film starring Will & Jayden Smith. The film raises many topics and has been the subject of many discussions and debates. In the true sense of Science Fiction, After Earth is a film that explores many topics that are relevant to our world today. The topics explored in this film are many but are not limited to; overcoming fear, evolution, scientology and even an example of the relationship between a distant father and a desperate son to reach him. Although there are multiple topics and underlying messages prevalent throughout the film. It is ultimately obvious that faith, religion and science are among the forefront in themes for the movie.

Going into the film I heard many negative reviews and as a result I went from having highly anticipated thoughts and feelings towards the film  to almost non- existent interest in it. Much to my chigrin the film turned out to be one of the best Science Fiction films of the summer. With Amazingly Breathtaking cinematography & action sequences , After Earth is truly a coming of age , space odyssey.

The negative parts of the film were due to the dialogue and dialect at times. To be blunt, much of the banter between the characters sounded cheesy and hammy much like the way the 1960’s era Batman TV show was.  Most of the supporting cast was also lacking in charisma, intrigue and speech. The other issue is the dialect; In some parts the Smiths sound European or Afo-European while in other scenes the dialect seems to slip and we hear heavy southern accents. This will not be a huge drawback to the average movie goer
and to the overall film but they are just some side notes noticed.

At the end of the day ; Will Smith is still the King Pin of summer blockbuster films ! This may not be comparable to Men In Black or Independence Day however After Earth is in a league of it’s own and deserves a chance. This is a wonderful film showing the struggles in overcoming fear and making the trek from adolescents to adulthood while also displaying the love of a father and son relationship.

If you are looking for a great way to spend Father’s Day, After Earth push you to your limits and back. Rated Pg-13 for some disturbing action sequences and images, After Earth is in a theater near you.

Our Overall Score:

8.5  out of  10