Sunday, June 2, 2013

“Going Mental: Tips For Getting Ready for a Diet or Weight Loss”

With Summer now upon us,  the demand for trim, toned and sexy bodies is on the top of everyone’s mind ! WITIN RADIO would like to give you some helpful tips for looking your best this summer and  beyond. Although the steps to weight loss may be tumultuous there are a few ways to help ease the task and aid in the recovery.  Here are a few steps to success:

Step  1:  Identify that you would like to loose weight and the reasons why.
               The reasons for dieting and weight loss vary from  health benefits to just wanting to look good in one’s appearance. The first step to creating a  weight loss plan is to assess all health risks and factors involved  as well as any other challenges involved. From this you will want to decide if you are aiming to loose weight to look and feel slim or because of medical reasons.  Often times many people struggle with hereditary medical conditions and they don’t even know about them. These conditions can range from  things such as Colon Cancer and  Diabetes to High Blood Pressure. Even if you are coasting by without a health concern in the world , it is still a good idea to talk with parents, grandparents and siblings to find out what types of illnesses have occurred in your family’s medical history Whatever you reasons are for weight loss, once you have a better idea of why you want to loose the weight and what obstacles you may face , your plan to wellness and healthy living should fall more into place.

Step  2 :    Plan A Course of Action , Set Attainable Goals.

                  If you are going to win your battle of the bulge you have to first set up a plan of attack It is recommended that you track your progress by creating  daily or even weekly objectives and marking them in a journal.  Writing your goals down and then tracking the progress of each one will help you tremendously. It is also very important that you monitor your progress because there may be a time in your diet where you get discouraged because you feel as though the weight is not coming off as fast as you would like. Don’t give up ! You have conquered the hardest part , which is to initially start moving towards your weight loss goal. This method of  goal setting and tracking will also help managing stress and other mental challenges that may arise.

Step 3:    Find Inspiration, Connect With Others.

                Finding a way to make dieting fun  and rewarding is a must have in the grand scheme to success. Some ideas to a successful weight loss campaign is to “not go at it alone”. Find co-workers, friends or even family members that wouldn’t mind working out with you or  monitoring their eating habits with you.  Another key to making this a blast is to , uncover your passion.  For instance if you enjoying dancing look into local gyms that offer classes such as body/booty-licious ,strip aerobics or hip hop. These are just a few ideas , remember that identifying incentives and forming allies  can help lighten the load of you’re weight loss obstacle.

Step 4:   Attack !

              Now that you have gathered all of the information, planned your course of action, set goals and found your driving inspiration the only thing that remains is the act it self. It’s true what they say, nothing beats a failure accept a try. You can research and reason all day long but if you never act it is a dead cause. Soak up these words of wisdom by.  Pablo Picasso  “ Action is the foundational key to all success.”  With that in mind I encourage you to seize the day and make this goal happen !