Sunday, June 2, 2013

On A Positive Note

 In this week's topic we would like to let you know, Why giving thanks is so good for your health.  It's important to know that in order to notice improvements in your health you have to be willing to show gratitude more than once or twice a year.

 Many Studies show that  expressing thanks is good for our health . But it seems like often times we only do this maybe once or twice year for events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. A healthy life can be achieved by expressing thanks and gratitude for even the simplest of things such as enjoying a nice summer day or admiring God's numerous creations. And judging by the present situation of the U.S and the many global events taking place, gratitude and thanks routines could use a huge revamp. But it's not enough to treat "giving thanks" like a workout or ritual. The effects will not work by being untrue to how you really feel.  Giving Thanks can not only bring happiness and optimism but it can also give energy to the downtrodden or oppressed.  Research has actually shown that the repetitive action of giving thanks yields health side effects.

  In short Gratitude leads people to act in virtuous and selfless ways, which in turn builds strong social support systems. Our social circle helps to build and support  our psychological and emotional well being. For those interested or that believe in God as a higher power, know that giving thanks and performing selfless acts are the keys to receiving blessings and being at peace with ones self and their God. In addition it has been proven that those who offer Gratitude are usually less resentful and envious of people. They have much better sleep habits, lower blood pressure and are just more happy overall.  

    Showing Gratitude and giving thanks has also proven to battle or counter act the feeling of depression. When you are thankful or expressing gratitude it not only uplifts the the recipient, it also uplift's you. The late Frederick Douglass had a saying " If you want to be lifted up, first lift someone else up".  It's simple science but it works. The two word's, "Thank You" can not only improve your health but can also make your life a whole lot better.