Thursday, July 25, 2013

Official Petition Started for a Dredd Sequel!

 Before Dredd was released in theaters, the filmmakers spoke optimistically about a sequel to the film, but then is did not do well at the box office. It only posted $13.4 million domestic gross. The film has gone on to become a cult hit on home video and the demand from fans for a sequel has increased. Star Karl Urban has even spoken about how fans should be vocal about wanting a sequel because it could help.
Now, 2000AD, the publishers of "Judge Dredd," have created an official petition to send to Lionsgate in the hopes of getting a Dredd sequel made. With currently over 10,000 signatures, you can sign the petition by clicking here, and join their Facebook page to further show your devotion to Judge Dredd here.
Dredd has already become one of the highest-selling Blu-rays of the year, which can further convince Lionsgate to make a sequel to the movie.