Saturday, August 3, 2013


Released June 14th, 2013   Man Of Steel  is currently the #1 movie in the world. Stars Henry Cavil, Lawrence Fishburne, Amy Adams and Christopher Meloni  helped to propel the film to it’s box office success.  Man of Steel which is directed by Zack Snyder , focuses on the origin of DC Comics most iconic character: Superman. Man Of Steel is visually flawless with breathtaking views of the planet Krypton , exotic alien life and beautiful, sweeping Mountain views.

One of Zack Snyder’s most  beloved  attributes is his attention to detail as well as his ability to tell a story through pictures. Man of Steel is as visually stunning as Watchman and captures the rawness and intensity of 300.

  Going into this film many people  thought that the logical thing to do was to bridge the gap between the original 4 films that stared Christopher Reeves and the 2005 attempt done by Brandon Routh entitled “Superman Returns”. Man of Steel does the exact opposite by basically making it’s own mythology separate from the first five films. One cool thing about Man of Steel is that it pays homage to the fan favorite series  ‘Smallville” as well as some minor details from some of the older films and series. Fan Boys and Geeks alike refer to this as dropping “Easter Eggs”.

    Although this is a negative aspect of the film for many people , I can honestly say that this is a refreshing thing going into this film. I applaud both Zack Synder and Christopher Nolan  for steeping out and building the foundation of a “classic hero” reinvented. Unlike the previous films that have been released, Man Of Steel  sets its own path by taking what we already know from previous films and comic books and  expanding on it.

    The opening sequence vividly  shows Kal-El (Clark Kent‘s) birth to parents Jor-El and Laura amidst a growingly hostile planet Krypton.  Immediately after the birth of their son, Jor-El whisks himself away to the council on Krypton where the audience awakens to seated members of the council adorned in golden “alien like” garments and jewelry. Once there Jor-El pleads   with  his  fellow Kryptonians to abandon Krypton  as everything they know is about to be lost. Krypton is falling apart at it’s core and all hope has been lost.

    Jor-El is part of the faction that has decided to let others know that Krypton is doomed and as a result  has started to plea his cause to those in authority. Amongst the people that wish to vacate the planet is the lead antagonist General Zod.  The villainous General Zod  who is played by Michael Shannon , exhibits many zealous traits throughout the film and is directly responsible for attempting a coup shortly  before the planet is destroyed.  The film takes a turn early in the first act as we see a bright eyed Clark Kent now in his thirties.

    Advancing the character from newborn  to age 33 in a matter of  30 minutes is a ballsy move but  ultimately allowed for the film to deviate from the norm of the last five films. At 33, Kent is a Fisherman  manning the high seas  and has wandered from job to job, town to town. There are strong spiritual undertones throughout the film which  makes for a powerful plus.  When Superman was created in the late 1930’s- Early 1940’s by Jewish immigrants Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster ,they patterned the hero after Jewish patriarchs such as Moses while giving him some more identifiable traits from their fathers.

    Although different from it’s predecessors, Man of Steel stills gives the viewer the idea of what it would have been like to be Moses, whisked away  to safety by a loving mother and to be adopted by people that are not his own and raised by them.  Genocidal acts of violence were attempted towards Kal-El  as a child but he escaped just as Moses. Becoming a leader and beacon of hope,  In the film  Kal-El’s  fate is  ultimately the same.  Another good moment in the film was when Superman was conflicted on a course of action to take.

    The most powerful man in the cinematic/comic book world stops everything to go into the house of God. This scene is iconic because of the strong ties that the character has to Jesus and Moses. But it also shows that no matter how powerful a person is or what there confidence or insecurities hide, at the end of the day, everyone needs a higher power, a friend to call on or a shoulder to cry on.

   Man of Steel does have some crude, harsh language at times and some brutal violence including a very unorthodox-contradictory ending but for the most part it is a movie for all ages. In Theaters Everywhere, Man of Steel is truly the long waited  film for our Generation.

Rating: 10 out of 10