Friday, August 9, 2013

Start Today Anew !

Whether it’s losing weight, eating better or trying to stay positive, new
habits can take time to incorporate into our lives. However, most
Americans seem to be looking for a quick fix solution to most of their
problems. For weight loss we turn to powders, drinks and
calorie-restricted diets. There’s no doubt that they do work temporarily
 and may in fact help you shed weight fast, but in the long run the
weight usually comes back when normal foods are eaten again. So how
realistic is it to take such an approach when we know it doesn’t last?
Of course if you’re able to maintain the weight loss by including new
healthy habits into your life then that’s great, but most people fall
short of this goal and return to their old ways.
The same applies to breaking negative belief patterns that may be
controlling your life. Tired of the guilt, the anger, the judgmental
attitude? Great but don’t expect it to disappear overnight. It took a
long time for you to get that way and will take quite a while for you to
 break free, but it can be done will determination and the help of God.
So by now you may be asking how, what’s the key to staying on track
and leaving old habits behind? Well it may sound oversimplified but
patience is the first step. Be patient with yourself and don’t stop
trying when you fall short. There is no such thing as failure,
everything you do produces a result. It’s how you label that result that
 determines what it is. So go easy on yourself and remember that you’re
human and no one's  judgement matters accept God's.   Secondly, try to stay in the present
moment as much as possible. Be present in all that you do, you can learn
 from the past but don’t let it rule your present moment. As for the
future, set positive goals for yourself but remember that each thing you
 do now creates your future, so be here now!! Practicing these concepts
can do wonders for every area of your life. You will be mindful of what
you’re eating each time you sit down to a meal instead of rushing
through and not realizing how much you ate. You will enjoy a workout
more when you are fully present instead of thinking about what has to be
 done next. Lastly, when you finally realize that you are living in a
moment that fear, worry and guilt, Be mindful that these things only exist when you think about the past, which is gone, and the future, which hasn’t happened yet.  
In reality all you really have is now, so make the most of your life by serving God, loving others and being the best person that you can be !