Friday, November 1, 2013

Justice League - The Flashpoint Paradox DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Review

     Released  July 30th, 2013  Justice League-Flashpoint Paradox is the latest film in the Dc Comics Animated Series.  The film is an animated adaptation of the 2011 comic book arc written by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.  The feature was written by Jim Krieg and was directed by Jay Olivia.  The film does an amazing job with voice acting and direction from Ron Pearlman as Deathstroke, Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, Kevin McKidd as Thomas Wayne/Batman  and Michael B Jordan as Cyborg/Victor Stone. The cast is rounded out by Dana Delaney as Lois Lane and C Thomas Howell as the film’s antagonist Professor Zoom.

    The film’s plot is very centric to the fictional character of the Flash/ Barry Allen played by Justin Chambers. In this else world retelling Barry’s background story  is shown to us through a series of flashbacks throughout the film. Flashpoint opens with Barry Allen’s mother being  brutally murdered on her birthday and Barry soon wandering home to find his mother lying dead with their home ransacked.  Moments later there is a time shift and Barry is then seen some years later with his Fiancé  Iris at his mother’s gravesite. It is here that we first learn that Barry is truly remorseful and holds himself responsible for his mother’s death.


     This guilt that is felt by the character helps to propel him into what ends up being a cat and mouse game between two super powered speedsters and a race against time. In the story the Justice League has ceased to exist in this dystopian parallel- universe, Central City. Aquaman and Wonder Woman had an affair but can no longer tolerate each other so Atlantis and Themiscrya are now at war with each other while the rest of the world is effected by their super powered slug fest.  About 25 minutes or so we learn that things are turned upside down for both the past and present when Barry inadvertently time travels and alters the future outcome of events.

    As if Wonder Woman and Aquaman’s Affair / Nuclear Fallout weren’t enough, we also learn that Batman kills criminals, drinks heavily and uses guns while Lex Luther and Deathstroke are good guys fighting for the US government ! There are numerous other changes seen and felt throughout the film’s runtime but we won’t spoil the whole movie for you.

    There are several themes running throughout this film. The first being about coming to terms with your past. We see this in the various stages of the Flash’s life with him finally realizing this in the end. The second main theme in this film is that of family. This film does a great job of showing the audience the importance that even one person can make in the decisions that other family members make as well as other life choices. It also shows that a family can have in getting through tough times.
    Flashpoint Paradox pulls no punches, making use of it Pg-13 rating, there is plenty of action, violence and a scene of sexual innuendo.  But it all makes for great story telling and gives you the sense that the world is at war and not a very safe place.  There are deaths of heroes and villains alike making  Flashpoint Paradox  action packed from start to finish. This no holds bar  81 minute odyssey into the past and future will leave you hoping that it’s a place you never have to visit !

Flashpoint is available Worldwide !