Thursday, December 5, 2013

Movie Review: Homefront " An Action Packed Lesson In Family Feuds"

           Homefront is a 2 hour  foray into the world of revenge and family feuds. Although it is quite exhilarating at times, most of the film seems formulaic and predictable.  The film centers around an undercover detective named Phil Broker  played by Jason Stratham. During a large drug operation  involving a vicious biker gang , Broker’s cover is blown and he is forced to take the life of one of the bosses sons named  Jojo Turrie played by Linds Edwards.

                 After the botched drug string, Detective Broker is forced to relocate with his daughter to a small town in Louisiana.  For several years things progress nicely with no trouble at all. Maddy Broker, Phil’s daughter played by  Izabela Vidovic, is enrolled in school and is becoming of age and  Phil has found meager yet steady employment as a contractor.  Seemingly in an instance, detective Broker’s world comes crumbling down when he receives a phone call from his daughters’ school.

                His daughter Maddy  is being bullied by the school yard bully and decided to take matters into her own hands. A fight ensues and before long both parents are at odds with each other. Enter Kate Bosworths’ character,  Cassie Bodie Klum a loud-fouled mouth tweaker with severe issues. After a brief yet embarrassing altercation with her husband Jimmy Klum played by Marcus Hester, Cassie vows revenge and enlists the help of her drug kingpin brother Gator played by James Franco.

                What later unfolds is a true tale of stupidity and predictability. For all of it’s lackluster performance, Homefront truly has some amazing action scenes. For what it’s worth the Sylvester Stallone Scripted-Produced  Homefront is a good movie just not a masterpiece.  Jason Stratham is his usual self, all Braun with not much compelling dialogue, what’s most intriguing is the transformation into the film’s baddies that Kate Bosworth and James Franco undergo to make the story more cohesive and believable.  The intense action sequences and over the top violence will keep you watching ! Winona Ryder and Clancy Brown help to round out things and give glorious attempts to best supporting actors .

                The Gary Fleder directed action-drama  opened to theaters everywhere on  November 27, 2013 and has grossed $6,915,241 domestically.