Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hollywood Meets the Bible In 2014

Noah, Moses, Joshua & Jesus will battle evil  on the silver screen, along with the X-Men, & Spiderman  this spring and summer 

It’s been awhile since Mel Gibson’ 2004 debut of Passion of The Christ. The film stirred much controversy as well as praise from critics and movie goers alike. Last year, the History Channel caused a Hollywood   revival when it aired The Bible Series.  When millions of viewers tuned in each week, it showed that stories of faith and courage are not just a niche, but something global.

Actor Will Smith is said to be in the final stages of producing a film based on the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Little is known about the script: however, it is said that it will have a vampire twist. It’s also rumored that  this film may feature Will Smith’s directorial debut.  More is in the works, as Brad Pitt is said to star in a Biblical/ Bio-Pic about the life of Pontius Pilot that will detail his life before and after the fateful decision he made--changing the modern world forever.

              Ridley  Scott’s film Exodus is set to be released in May , reportedly chronicling Moses’  ascent from Egypt . The film is set to star The Dark Knight Trilogy’s  and  American Hustle star Christian Bale. Moses will continue to get star treatment throughout the year as director Ang Lee’s movie Gods and Kings--( featuring the story of Moses and Pharaoh)-- is also set to make it’s debut in July.

Darren Arronofsky’s  Noah  will kick things off, appearing in select theater’s in February ,before  making it’s way in to theater’s everywhere in March. It took a while to iron out the kinks, but it’s said  that the film will  feature, Sir Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah and will have some antagonistic center on the much dreaded Nephilim. (The trailer below shows that the film  will have some amazing visual flashback sequences of creation and the fall of man. )

Rounding out the year in Biblical films is Mary Mother Of Christ, a Ben Hur remake ,the debut of  Mark and Roma Downey’s ( creator’s of the History Channel’s The Bible series)  Son Of God  and a Film called The Resurrection. The film is said to be  about a lone Roman Centurion sent to investigate the empty tomb of Christ.

             As for TV, NBC is set to air a miniseries  that picks up after The Bible series called AD: Beyond The Bible. The series was created by Mark and Roma Downey and is said to follow  the Acts of the Apostles and the wide spread of the Gospel following Jesus’ death and resurrection.

  Surprisingly HBO is set to debut it’s own form of religious programming with a new show called The Leftovers (see The HBO Year ender trailer below). The series is based off of the best selling book by the same name that will chronicle life on earth after the rapture.  So whatever your religious stance may be- one thing for certain is that there will be hell to pay ! As we start the year anew, make sure to catch all of your biblical favorites duke it out on the big screen. There will be redemption and triumph for all ! Cheers &  Happy New Year !