Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Fire Museum of Memphis: Really Brings the “Heat” to Bluff City

       Nestled in a cozy coroner on Adams street overlooking the Mississippi  River , the Memphis Fire Museum offers visitors  an interactive glimpse into the history of Firefighting as well as  amazingly real exhibits  that include the  tools and equipment used in the profession.  The  museum sits in an old firehouse that has been  converted into a hands on, interactive grand tour of the station. The Memphis Fire Department holds educational outreach tours for children and families here, with the use of state of the art simulators and games.

         The Museum is a must see for  anyone visiting or living around the Memphis area. This is a great place for children, families, history buffs and casual patrons alike. Some of the many exhibits include: Antique Firefighting Equipment,Historic Uniforms ,Helmets, Badges and  Lanterns.

      A fire simulation room that recreates the heat and smoke of a house fire.
The Fire Museum of Memphis is truly one of the  greatest hidden treasures  in  Memphis. Make sure to check out more of the museum at 
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