Friday, April 4, 2014

Film Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an action packed foray that reminds us that even peace can be perverted and prostituted”

    Captain America stormed into U.S theaters on April 4, 2014. The film stars Anthony Mackie as the Marvel Comics hero known as Falcon, Chris Evans as the titular Captain America , Samuel L Jackson as Shield Director Nick Fury and Scarlett Johansson in her reprised role as The Black Widow. The film opens with Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Sam Wilson (Falcon) running laps around the Capital Building. The two soon meet and share war stories and camaraderie ensues. Though the encounter between the two was brief an important friendship was forged. Their friendship is later put through the crucible, but the end result makes for one of the most climatic endings of any superhero themed film to date.

   Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not your typical run of the mil action/ sci fi/ superhero flick. It is a film that has the typical Hollywood treatment in terms of gun play, violence, action and sexual innuendo but it also bears a somber undertone that encourages it’s viewers to look beyond the spectacle at hand. What’s most shocking about the film is that the main antagonist is not the typical villain that you would expect. Cross Bones and The Winter Solider only help to enrich the story; however the real killer is from within.

    By the end of the film you truly hate Alexander Pierce (played by Robert Redford);his character is complex and his duplicitous nature is frightening. You can sympathize with his behavior in some degree, however he is no choir boy and at the end of the day he is more of a predator than a saint. Seeing the portrayal of a high ranking U.S government official convincing the nations of the world along with America that spying on citizens , targeting innocent civilians for assassination and taking away civil liberties, truly is atrocious on film but not something that is so far fetch from what is happening today.

    I’m reminded of a chapter in the Book of Daniel; “He will cause deceit to prosper and will consider himself superior.” When they feel most secure he will destroy many with peace”. This may not have been the intended message of the film. Heck, it may even be open for interpretation but you can’t deny that Captain America: The Winter Soldier doesn’t address it. We dare to say that Captain America:The Winter Soldier is one of the best superhero films to date. It shatters all notions and archetypes of the cheesy vintage hero with the cookie cutter villain and challenges us all to look at the evil that is within.

   No matter what your thoughts are on the film or on the genre it’s self, you can not deny that peace and liberty both come at a price. What price are you willing to pay ?