Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Arrow Season 2 Finale Review & Recap

 "Oliver Queen Lived Up To The Episode Title; His Actions Were Unthinkable"

Caution: Spoilers Ahead !

    Slade’s Mirakuru-fueled Deathstroke-esque army was ran amok all over Starling City. Amanda Waller and ARGUS surrounded the city to prevent the Deathstroke's Army from leaving. Amanda had given Oliver aka Arrow just hours to get things under control before she would begin leveling the city. This forced Oliver to give Roy the untested Mirakuru cure. Meanwhile, Thea was saved from a rampaging Deathstroke by Malcolm Merlyn, but she raised her gun and shot him. 

    The Arrow's hideout is then invaded by a bunch of Deathstroke's goons. Everyone in Team Arrow flees, including Roy, who appears to have been cured. So,in fact the cure works. Later An ARGUS helicopter blows up the hideout, killing the Deathstroke thugs. Digg’s ex-wife Lyla, an ARGUS agent, has come to help. She and Digg go to talk to Waller and try to buy Oliver a little more time to clear things up. Meanwhile Oliver is rigging his arrows with the cure so he can stop the Deathstrokes without killing them.

     As it turns out Thea did shoot Malcolm, however he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Instead of being mad, he is proud of her for having the guts to shoot, something Tommy didn’t have when he pulled a gun on Merlyn last season.Now a conflicted Oliver is unsure how he can take on so many of Deathstroke's henchmen at one time when Sara comes in. Her girlfriend, Nyssa al Ghul of the League of Assassins, has come to town to help and she has brought a bunch of League members with her. Now, the Arrow team has an army to match Slade’s. Oliver is unsure he wants their help as they are killers and Sara has agreed to join them again in exchange for their help. Oliver tells them that they need to at least try to take prisoners tonight, not just kill everyone. Oliver also asks Roy to help and gives him a red mask to wear to hide his identity. And the Red Arrow is born!

    Roy cannot remember anything he has done lately, probably including some of the bad stuff he did to Thea. He calls her and wants to meet her. Malcolm tells Thea that Roy is now different from Oliver and Moira, a liar. Thea disagrees and goes to meet Roy. Malcolm says he will always be watching her and will protect her.Oliver, Sara, Nyssa and the League storm Slade and Isabel Rochov’s headquarters at Queen Consolidated. The cure takes out the guards and Slade is forced to flee. Sara is about to kill Isabel when Oliver yells for her to stop. Isabel mocks them and says her death does not matter. Nyssa then kills her saying, “Your reticence to do what is necessary is why your city burns.” I am not in favor of killing, but Nyssa makes a pretty good point.

     In the island flashbacks, Oliver and Sara are Slade’s prisoners. The ghost of Shado, all in Slade’s head, urges Slade to kill Oliver. Just as Slade is about to pull the trigger, Anatoly fires a missile from the sub that hits the freighter.Back in the present, a rampaging Deathstroke bursts in to the police precinct and grabs Laurel. He is taking her to Slade as the last death Slade has planned to hurt Oliver.An ARGUS drone is headed to bomb the city. Slade has gathered his Deathstroke army in one place to hunker down and ride out the attack. Nyssa says it is good that all their targets are in one place. Oliver finally decides that he needs to kill Slade, though Felicity tries to talk him out of it.

    Roy and Thea embrace. He says he does not care about the Arrow anymore or being a vigilante. All he wants to do is be with Thea. He gets a text from Oliver saying they need his help. He tells Thea he is just doing one final thing and then the two of them will leave all this madness.Oliver brings Felicity to the Queen mansion. He tells her he needs her to stay there and be safe. She says she wants to help the team and be “unsafe.” Oliver confides that when Slade took Laurel, he thought he was taking the woman Oliver loved. “He took the wrong woman,” says Oliver. “Oh,” is all Felicity can say back. She has longed for this for so long. They stand inches apart, but they do not kiss. Awwww, come on!! Give us one passionate kiss!

    Back to the flashbacks — the freighter is going down. Oliver destroys the last of the Mirakuru. Sara gets sucked out into the ocean (I guess this is how she and Oliver get separated and she somehow ends up with the League). Now it is just Oliver versus Slade.Back to the present and we are in the tunnel where the Deathstroke army is hold up. Oliver, Sara, Nyssa, Roy, and the Assassins begin to attack with cure arrows.

    Meanwhile, Lyla and Digg get to ARGUS HQ to stop Waller from using the drone. They go to free the Suicide Squad first, including Deadshot.Thea is packing up Roy’s place and finds some arrows he was using to train with Arrow. I am sure this will lead to her not trusting Roy, even though his attitude is clearly different now than it was a few weeks ago when he still wanted to be a vigilante.Waller orders the drone strike but Digg, Lyly, and the Suicide Squad burst in. They have guns on everyone and tell Waller to call off the strike. She refuses and tells Digg that Lyla is pregnant.

    Slade calls Oliver and says it does not matter that Oliver has defeated the army with his cure. Slade orders Oliver to meet him and says he has captured the woman Oliver loves. But, instead of Laurel, Slade has grabbed Felicity. He had bugged the Queen mansion a while ago so he must have overheard Ollie and Felicity’s conversation.Oliver goes to see Slade and Felicity. Slade has Laurel there too. They talk about Shado and Slade’s madness. Slade says he is going to kill Felicity. Oliver says he now knows how Slade always had the upper hand, because he was constantly distracting Oliver. At that moment, we see that Felicity is secretly holding a vial of the cure. She jabs it into Slade. The whole “I really love you” moment at the Queen mansion was a setup designed for Slade to see. Oliver wanted Slade to grab Felicity because it allowed her to get close enough to administer the cure.

   Sara rescues Laurel and Felicity. Oliver and Slade begin to fight. The present day fighting is cut against their fight from 5 years ago. It is some well-choreographed action. The present-day Slade says Oliver must kill him to stop him and that will prove Oliver is a murderer. In the past, Slade gets caught under some wreckage and that is how Oliver is able to stab him in the eye with an arrow. It is a nasty wound – only Mirakuru would save someone attacked like this.

    The present day Oliver is able to trap Slade with a rope Arrow. Slade thinks the city is going to be destroyed by the drones, but Oliver calls Waller and convinces her to stop the strike.Sara says goodbye to Laurel and Det. Lance. She is leaving with Nyssa and the League and is happy about it. Before she leaves, she gives Laurel her leather jacket, the one Canary wears. Det. Lance tells her not to get any vigilante ideas. As they walk away, Det. Lance begins to feel back and coughs up blood.  It turns out that when he was attacked by one of the Deathstrokes,  and he  has suffered internal bleeding.

   Roy comes home and Thea has left. She has left him a note saying she cannot be the trusting Thea anymore. She is leaving. We see her get into a limo with Malcolm Merlyn.Slade wakes up in a prison cell. Oliver is on the outside. Slade says Oliver did not have the guts to kill him. But Oliver says he instead had the strength to let Slade live. Slade vows to escape and “keep his promise” to ruin Oliver’s life. As Oliver leaves, we see that Slade is a prisoner in a special ARGUS super prison and it is located beneath the surface of the Island. We ever see the partially sunken freighter in the distance.

   Digg and Felicity are on the island too. Digg gives Oliver and Felicity and second and she talks about how convincing Oliver was when he said he loved her. He smiles and says she was convincing too.

The episode ends with one more flashback to five years ago. After Oliver’s fight with Slade, he blacked out. He wakes up and is no longer on the island. Instead, he is in Hong Kong, being held by some Chinese men. They take him outside and he meets a woman. It is Amanda Waller. “We need to talk, Mr. Queen.”

After not resolving much over the past few episodes, the show sure took care of a lot of loose ends tonight! They even kept Slade alive so perhaps he can face Oliver again. And we like the notion of Thea teaming up with Merlyn. All in all, we found the season finale to be satisfying. The episode was a ball of non stop action that didn't stop until if finished what it accomplished ! Another added easter egg was the preview for The CW Network's Fall Line called The Flash ! 
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