Thursday, May 1, 2014

Film Review: Bullet To The Head

“ Bullet To The Head is not one of Sylvester Stallone’s more iconic roles but  it does make for one enjoyable yet bloody roller coaster ride !” 

Bullet To The Head lacks in character development and overall story line.  Stallone plays the titular role of  Jimmie Bobo, a hit man extraordinaire that reluctantly joins forces with  a naive but well intention-ed detective named Taylor Kwan (played by Sung Kang) in the good ole’ New Orleans , Louisiana.  After  Jimmie Bobo  and his partner  Louis Blanchard ( Played by Jon Seda )murder a strung out crooked Cop, all hell breaks loose.  The catalyst that sets the events in motion for the next hour and fifteen minutes ; is that Jimmie Bobo lets a prostitute that witnessed the crime live.

  Later Stallone and his partner are attacked at a bar on Bourbon street by a deadly Assassin named Keegan (Played by Game of Thrones Actor, Jason Moma). Keegan is sent to dismantle the duo by any means necessary to keep them from snitching on the corrupt operation underway. Jimmie Bobo escapes wounded however his partner does not fare as well and is killed.  What transpires is an all out war and a race against the clock as Jimmie fights to protect his daughter and himself from corrupt cops and crazed hit men.

  The title of the film is actually quite tongue and cheek as the film features  head shots galore. However  it’s hard to take the film seriously because Stallone basically carries the film for it’s whole two hour duration.  Although the film also boast Jason Moma ( Game of Thrones, Batman Vs. Superman, Conan) and Christian Slater ( Mind Games, My Own Worst Enemy ) it’s still not enough for anyone to give the film more than just a red box rental.  The biggest frustration in the film is that Stallone seems very one dimensional. For lack of better words he is a salty, middle aged hit man with killer abs ----that shoots lots of bad guys in the face.  The chemistry between Stallone and his protagonist opposite Sung Kang is also way off. At times it feels like this is truly a novice film, and not what you would typically expect from Walter Hill (48 hours, The Warriors)

If you can get past the cheesy lines and the sometimes predictable plot, it does make for a great action film. Heck Stallone’s  Ax Wielding Showdown with Jason Moma is one of the few most memorable action scenes from the film that maxes it somewhat enjoyable.  If you are in the mood to zone out and watch brain dead humor coupled with over the top yet mindless action -you might want to make Bullet To The Head  a top of the list choice for your next Redbox Date Night !