Friday, May 9, 2014

Film Review: Old Boy

"Spike Lee's Old Boy remake , is a sadistic yet esoteric tale of revenge,lust, intrigue and murder".

      The verdict is in for the 2013 remake of Old Boy, and we are saying that it is one of Spike Lee's most memorable and audacious films' to date.  Old Boy is a scandalous retelling of a 2003 film of the same name directed by Park Chan-wook and loosely adapted from a Japanese Manga. The film's story centers in on a 30's something Alcoholic Advertising Executive , named Joseph Doucette (Played By Josh Brolin) that is truly engulfed in the underbelly of life. Without notice Joe is quickly abducted and held hostage for 20 years in a windowless room and fed a diet of steamed dumplings and white rice daily before he is released one day without reason.
      The hunt for the persons responsible for his captivity is Joe's resolve upon his release as well as finding his daughter and setting the record straight on a crime he was falsely accused of. Despite being a remake, Old Boy adds it's own flair to the dramatic. On top of that Spike Lee truly offers a visually stunning masterpiece that combines the brutality of the original work along with his own sense of finesse. Admittedly there are some parts of the film that are hard to watch, particularly those dealing with rape and incest. It is this part of the film that makes for the least enjoyable,  as it adds perversity to an already sketchy subject matter however Old Boy is a painful lesson in revenge and regret that beacons and draws the viewer in from the start.

       Samuel L Jackson and Elizabeth Olsen help to truly round out the casting and provide the extra ump needed to make this a compelling, psychologically disturbing thriller. The action packed martial arts scenes are a sheer joy to watch and the film is overall just a solid , yet studious re-imagining of an already controversial Korean Cult classic. Old Boy is anything but a boring film. It will leave you on the very edge of your seat clambering for more. They say that "revenge is a dish best served cold"; it's safe to say that Old Boy is a revenge dish that is extremely cold.  The film is available everywhere now at Red Box, Retail Stores and Digital Download