Friday, May 2, 2014

Film Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an action packed spectacle that reminds movie goers to have hope and make the most of today.”

I was not impressed with the first installment of The Amazing Spider-Man. I felt that Andrew Garfield( Spider Man) and the cast gave a lackluster performance to a film that wasn’t very memorable.  In fact the film promised to tell the untold story of the beloved web slinger , but it always felt as though something was missing.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a bold departure from the first; in tone, action and story.  The film opens with flashbacks to Peter’s parents  Richard and Mary Parker.

Much of the mystery surrounding Peter’s parents, remains just that after the first installment --------unless you are a fan of the original source material. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gives some great insight and a richer background story into why his parents left as well as their final fate.  The film also gives the fans a more seasoned web slinger (one that leaves his mask on throughout the film) that is less emo-skate punk and more of a young adult navigating his way through life.

The dynamic between Peter Parker/ Spider Man in the first film compared to the Peter Parker /Spider Man of  this film ; is like night and day. But it is a good change that shows a confident yet conflicted  hero can still make a change for the better.  The film has 3 villains, which would normally crowd a film however Marc Webb and crew seamlessly introduce and dispose of the three without any one bad guy hogging screen time.

You really feel empathy for  the central  Antagonist Max Dillon/ Electro(Played by Jaime Foxx). His delusional paranoia  stems from the fact that he wants to be noticed by others, appreciated for his work and loved. His anger, pain and rage grows from the lack of these things ; which is  something that the average person can relate to. Harry Osbourne- Goblin (Played by Dane DeHaan) also has a descent into madness as well ,however it largely stems  from father issues and wanting to live longer (He is dying).  There is not a whole lot to dislike about the Amazing Spider Man 2.  The Marvel Comics-Sony  duo continues it’s win streak with another home run. It’s not  a perfect film ; however no film ever truly is.

           The end of Gwen Stacy’s (Played by Emma Stone) relationship (Spoiler)  with  Peter is spot on from the comic book source material , which should leave fans happy. Electro and Rhino(Played by Paul Giamatti) did unbelievably well  and if you can get past the cosmetic changes made -------you will enjoy.  I’m still not sure where Peter’s “Spider Sense” is during most of the film but he does a bang up job with his web shooters throughout the film.  The action sequences and fight scenes are mesmerizing and leave you wanting more.

The film is more or less a stand alone in that it does not point to any signs of a larger universe other than it’s self; however the sinister 6 is mentioned briefly towards the end of the film which was a very nice nod/ Easter Egg.  The overall underlying messages in the film are love, trust, mistakes, failure, courage and redemption.  Which lends it’s self to an old proverb “Even a good man falls; yet he gets back up again”

       The Amazing Spider Man 2 is in theaters everywhere and has earned $8.7 million dollars domestically in just  it’s Thursday  preview screenings. It has a great soundtrack and also has a nice after credits scene for all X-Men fans !