Saturday, June 21, 2014

Redbox Date Night Review: Son of Batman

"Batman's paternity is called into question in the newest installment of the ; DC Comics Animated Franchise" 
   Compared to it's predecessor's,Son of Batman is a slightly more somber film which is a departure from it's normally formulaic  routine of cheesy one liners and over the top action. The film picks up with ninja trainee's undergoing training from RA's Al Ghoul. Out of nowhere the students and their teacher are attacked by Deathstroke(a.k.a Slade Wilson) who renders the coup de grace to RA's Al Ghoul. RA's is dealt such a blow that he is unable to revive himself in the Lazarus pit and he dies. Later Deathstroke kidnaps RA's daughter Talia thus sparking a race against the clock to save Batman (Bruce Wayne's) Talia from certain death and Damien from himself.

   The film's animation is truly Japanese themed and draws inspiration from anime style artwork. The action is bloody, violent and non stop as severed limbs and burnt bodies fly everywhere. One other surprising aspect of the film was the sexual innuendo. Normally DC Comics Animated Films , have minor sexual situations but this particular film took the cake with the amount of cleavage, escorts and vulgar language displayed. There were some great fight scenes between Robin (Damien) and Slade as well as some great surprise cameos from Nightwing and two side villains in  Killer Croc and kurt Langstrom aka Man Bat. 
     Son of Batman is a very entertaining film, however, the film's chaotic approach presents several problems. On one hand, it is pretty violent and obviously aimed for mature adults. Yet on the other hand, there is a lot of hilarious parts such as a secret James Bond-style undersea base in shark-infested waters as well as a Gatling gun firing arrows at a helicopter gun ship, oh and  not to mention an annoying child sidekick, which might put off more serious comic book fans.

      Ultimately, Son of Batman is a mixed bag. The animation is quite decent and much  better than some previous DCU efforts. The story however feels fragmented in some parts. Adult comic book fans have been spoiled throughout the past few years by regular full-length animated movies such as Son of Batman. However, one can’t help but wonder whether some more kid-friendly material might be in order to attract new future fans instead of appealing to ageing existing fans.