Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rethinking Fatherhood This Father's Day

As we celebrate father’s day this weekend, we should all take a minute to think and reflect on all the things wonderful things your father or grandfather has done for you. Whether big or small, somewhere along the way, your father has gone the extra mile for you just to ensure that you are happy, healthy and loved. A true Father takes the value of the currency in his wallet and replaces it with the love of his family. Meaning he values his family more than his material wealth and possessions, thus making his family the center of his life. Being a man and functioning as a man is also important. A real father takes responsibility as a man and realizes that every decision that is made directly effects his household.
Some Fathers have physically demanding jobs while others have more mentally demanding jobs but at the end of the day a real man works to support his family and does so without being prompted.There will be times when a man does not know the answer to a problem or a difficult situation but a real man does not hide behind his ignorance, rather he admits that he does not have the answer and actively seeks to find a solution to the problem.

As a Father  you should never let the fear of embarrassment or defeat keep you from asking for help. Pride is a terrible vice and it is the downfall of many relationships. There will be times where no one can help you but in these moments of difficulty a relationship with God is the key to overcoming the hardships that you are facing.

If you are a son or daughter reading this post, please take some time out this weekend to tell your dad you love him, and remember to thank him for all that he has done for you.Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s out there!!! This one is for you!!!!