Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The spy film starring Michael Cain, Colin Firth, and Samuel L. Jackson features several exceptionally dressed characters. The actors  look so dapper that fashion company,  MR PORTER is launching a clothing collection inspired by the film in mid-September. The line doesn’t just include fashions similar to what you’ll see in the movie, it also has replicas of actual costumes. Perfect for, Spy cosplay!

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Kingsman costume designer Arianne Phillips made the suits with “commerciality in mind.” The idea to make the ensembles available for retail happened while the film was being planned. Director and writer Matthew Vaughn came up with the concept and worked with the founder of Net-a-porter (MR PORTER’s parent company ) Natalie Massenet to make the clothing line happen.
The plot of Kingsman features Firth, a veteran agent, grooming a new recruit for the group of gentlemen spies. Fancy suits and ties do play a role in the story, and it was natural to extend the looks into commercially available fashion. The clothing collection will include suits, jackets, pants, George Cleverley footwear, Bremont timepieces, and more. It will feature 60 total pieces. Mad Men did something similar by partnering with Banana Republic.