Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recap: The 2014 MLB All-Star Game

The best of the best in Major League Baseball competed on Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota for The 2014 MLB All Star Game. America's favorite sports reporter, Erin Andrews gave us the inside scoop from the field as fan favorites Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, Derek Jeter and Max Scherzer made their appearances.
Idina Manziel of Disney's Frozen sang the Classic Bob Dylan song, "Forever Young", quite the fitting tribute to the Minnesota native and king of Folk Music .Derek Jeter got off to a good start with a two for two double on his first final run while Miguel Cabrera kept the momentum going with the night's first home run.The American League and National duked it out all evening in a truly close, nail bitter of a game. 
Included in the night's game was Derek Jeter's moving tribute to Hank Aaron and the story of his 1999 All-Star Game. It was a very unique and in depth interview with Frank Thomas as he spoke and reflected on his 14 All-Star Games.

The night was filled with great plays by Anthony Rizzo, Todd Frazier, and Dee Gordon amongst others. Coach Freddie Gonzales and Coach Clint Huddle worked hard with both teams but at the end of the night, The American League took the win. 
The Ted Williams MVP Award was presented to Mike Trout for an amazing night on the field. Time will tell but he just might be the world's best Baseball player.