Sunday, July 20, 2014

Recap: UFC Fight Night July 26, 2014 !

The road to the octagon is a arduous one, around the globe as six of the world's greatest fighters are honing their skills. Sunday July 26, 2014 saw Matt Brown vs. Robbie Lawler as well as 4 other top contenders
at the Sap Center in San Jose, California. Challenger Matt Brown quit a drug fueled lifestyle to become a MMA Fighter in the UFC and has been doing so since 2007.  He has won his last seven bouts and has been dubbed "The Immortal". In an interview Brown credited his father with having the most influence on him , always encouraging him to be a better man. He also said that he was truly at a loss when his father passed away and that he was at a loss and wasn't quite sure where to go with his life. 

He quickly stated that his wife helped him to bounce back and that his work ethic, morals and family support fuel him to become a World Champion. Defending Champ Robbie Lawler entered the UFC in 2001 at the age of 19. He has six straight knock outs and most regard him as both an impressive welter weight and ruthless middleweight. He is most known for his training technique and finish. Both Lawler and Brown are legendary.
Anthony Johnson is in his prime and on the rise. Johnson got his start while growing up in rural Georgia. The six foot two athlete has struggled to make weight but has continued the battle to take his place on the mat.He was initially cut from the UFC but took the time to mature and improve his unique set of skills. His new mantra is "Pushing The Limits Mentally and Physically". Johnson is the "new guy" as he will go up against veteran Nogueira who has won 21 straight wins by knockout. Nogueira has claimed that he is entering the bout with the intention of "setting personal goals"
 Rounding out the upcoming fight night rooster is Clay Guida and Dennis Bermudez who both have strikingly similar styles of combat. Guida has been a top UFC favorite for the past 8 years and is a self described RV driving Punk Rock-Reggae loving free spirit. He lives for 2 a day practices and revere's Collegiate-Olympic Wrestlers Cael Sanderson and Tom Brands. He is most known for his take down style tactics in the Octagon . New York State Native and Former  Division 1 Wrestling Champion Dennis Bermudez is truly Guida's Doppelganger. His "ground game" is constantly improving while religiouslyattending training at Cal State Fullerton. He is a family man that loves wrestling and applies what he learned and loves the most in MMA. 

Update:  Brian Ortega opened the night with a preliminary Feather Weight Bout against Mike De La Torre of Glendale Arizona. Ortega scored the first win of the night  by submission, 3:50 into round 1. The Perpetuo Vs. Tim Means fight was the night's first upset as Perpetuo led the fight in strikes however Tim Means  won by split decision due to his long reach and accurate striking. Kyle Kingsbury and Patrick Cummins are both highly accomplished NCAA Divison 1 Wrestlers , however  Cummins dominated Kingsbury with a barrage of constant take-downs, under-hooks, single and double leg attacks. It was largely a ground and pound fight with the unanimous decision ultimately  going to Pat Cummins

The most ironic and entertaining fight of the night  featured  Jorge  Masvidal who fashionably wore  shorts that  read a verse from the book of Judges 20:28 ("For tomorrow I will give them into your hands") he brutally beat Cruschank by split decision  in a 3 round battle filled with strategic attacks by both fighters. UFC Star and Fan Favorite Daniel Cormier commentated the first finals match of the night as Josh Thomsan and Bobby Green took to the octagon. Admittedly this was one of the less enjoyable matches of the night with Bobby Green taking home the win by split decision. Clay Guida vs Dennis Bermudez was the second most anticipated fight of the night but was cut short when Guida tapped out with just  1:30 left in round 2.

The quickest fight of the night was Johnson vs. Nogueira. Johnson landed 10 beautifully brutal uppercuts to secure a knockout win . His TKO came 44 seconds into round 1. The night ended with the Lawler vs. Brown fight. After 5 brutal and bloody rounds, Robbie Lawler won by unanimous decision. Both fighters were treated to a standing ovation as they were both tied in strikes landed throughout the match.

Which matches are you most looking forward to in  UFC's next Fight Night ? Let us know in the comment section below !