Saturday, July 26, 2014

Review: Neighbors

"A raunchy , rambunctious roller coaster of a ride."

In the comedy movie of the summer Seth Rogen and Zac Efron have a battle for neighborhood supremacy in Neighbors  which also stars  Rose Byrne, Dave Franco, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Mac and Kelly Radner just bought the house of their dreams. They used their life savings to purchase a home to raise their newborn daughter, Stella. Kelly is a stay at home mom while Mac works the typical cubical office job. Life seems to be going great until the house right next door to them is sold to a fraternity from the local University. Thinking their new neighbors will cause chaos to their child’s sleep, Mac and Kelly go next door to welcome the frat to the neighborhood and to kindly ask to keep the noise to a minimum. Trying to be cool and hip, Mac and Kelly introduce themselves to Delta Psi Beta’s president Teddy Sanders and his vice president Pete. Teddy promises the Radners that he will do his best to keep it down, but if things get out of hand, he asks Kelly and Mac to come to him directly and not call the cops.
Later that night, Teddy seems to be breaking his promise as the noise and music from a huge party is shaking the neighborhood. Mac and Kelly go over to complain, but end up being invited in to hang out. Mac is drinking, smoking, and eating mushrooms with the boys, while Kelly is hanging out with some sorority sisters, but still diligently listening to her portable baby monitor. The party last all night and Mac and Teddy seem to be best buddies for life.Unfortunately the next night, another party is being thrown and Mac is getting upset that Teddy isn’t answering his phone so he can tell him to turn the music down. As a last resort, Mac call the police. Knowing that they called the police on him, Teddy comes over and declares war on Mac and Kelly.

Houses are toilet papered, lawns are trashed, and parties continue to rock the street. There doesn’t seem to be anything Mac and Kelly can do to stop the Delta Psi boys. That is until they find out that the fraternity already has one strike against them. If Delta Psi gets two more strikes, the Dean of the university will kick them out. Following these events a huge cat and mouse game ensues throughout the end of the movie
Neighbors was genuinely funny, actually it was  hilarious, more so than  I was expecting.The movie was entertaining, and quite gut busting . If you are a Seth Rogen fan, you won’t be disappointed. And if you think Zac Efron is sexy, then you definitely won’t be disappointed as he spends the majority of his screen time without a shirt. If you are looking for a fun night at the movies, I’d say Neighbors is worth checking out. Parents be warned that there is quite a bit of female nudity as well as some explicit sex scenes.
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