Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday Film Review: V For Vendetta

" V For Vendetta is a gripping tale that inspires the casual spectator to move past the walls of conformity and embrace freedom". 
Possibly the most thought provoking film to date in the Superhero/Action/Sci-Fi category;V For Vendetta is set in the near future of a Dystopian London where faith and freedom of speech have been banned by the government. Actor Hugo Weaving plays the titular role of V , a swashbuckling  freedom fighter hellbent on liberating citizens from the governments oppressing rule. London has been turned into a totalitarian state as voted in by the people. There are night curfews and ‘undesirable’ people  constantly disappear into non existence.  The film follows the story of Evie, an orphaned young woman who accidentally finds herself caught up in the ploys of the terrorist known as V.

V has no revealed identity and hides himself behind a Guy Fawkes mask as he continues to do what Guy Fawkes failed to do.The moral of this story is more complex than most. There are plenty of themes about how the government should be afraid of its people, not the other way round. And there are a few profound moments of “artists use lies to tell people the truth while politicians use lies to cover the truth up” and the likes. The horrible society that we find them in was created through fear. Society's fear led them to elect a government that promised to make them safe and it led to their horrible circumstances. It would seem that the moral of the story would be to not live in fear (a life lived in fear is a life half lived etc) but this is one of the only key points.

Near the film's climax when Evie is held prisoner she came to the revelation that when she was stripped down mentally and physically and the only thing she had left was her life, she still found herself not giving in to torture because she still had her integrity and the choice to not give her captors information about the wereabouts of V. The experience of torture and accepting she’d rather die than give in freed her from her fear.Therefore, the overall moral of the story is: Value your integrity and do not live a life in fear.

V for Vendetta” is based on a graphic novel  which was written by Alan Moore in the early 1980s, supposedly  written as a protest against the conservatism of the Margaret Thatcher regime.