Saturday, August 9, 2014

Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow

“Edge of Tomorrow is an action packed Sci-Fi Thriller that takes a sometimes comical look into the subjects of Video Games, Reincarnation and Extra Terrestrial Life.”
Oscar Nominee Tom Cruise stars as the film’s lead character; a man known as Lt. Colonel Bill Cage. Cage is a Media Relations Specialist for the  U.S Armed Forces Joint Command with England.  His job is to essentially be the face of recruitment and to rouse the troops for battle.  After a successful  recruitment campaign and media tour, Cage meets with  the Joint Command General. After the meeting between Cage and the General “goes south”, Cage  finds himself stripped of his rank and set to be deployed to the front lines at 0600 the next day.

At this point the film seems poised to just be another revenge thriller  however what happens next , sets the tone for the film as a whole. Being that Cage is a Media Relations Specialist  he is inept and inexperienced in combat. His preparation for the D-Day like battle is both comical and sad with the ultimate outcome being his death.  The human race is fighting a race of Alien life forms known as Mimics, who have reaped havoc on the planet and taken many lives. During the invasion of Germany something happens to Cage that causes him to relive the same day over and over again, essentially dying a thousand deaths.

But with each death Cage learns something new as well as sharpening his battle prowess while coming closer to the mystery behind the deadly alien foe. Starring opposite of Tom Cruise is British Bombshell Emily Blunt who stars as Sergeant Rita Vrataski. She is equally charismatic  and  charming but much more   “ballsy”. In the film Cruise may be the mainstream face of recruitment  however  it’s Sergeant Rita Vrataski that the enlisted personal look up to and revere most.
Troops affectionately call her “The Full  Metal Bitch”  and honor her with posters and billboards. She wields a sword for most of the film which compliments the machine guns attached to her exoskeleton  battle suit.  Vrataski is experiencing the same time loop De Je Vu as Cage and  reluctantly joins him to help win the war. Although I do not agree with the thought of  reincarnation and extra terrestrial life , it is still a fun topic to explore and think about. The film does a good job of  subtly exploring these themes while not making it too “preachy”.

Amongst other things, the film does an outstanding job of honoring the story of the original video game/ graphic novel  while exploring other facets of the story.  Although the film takes a Scientology/ Buddhist approach to it’s philosophy regarding death it does have some universal truths with the biggest take away being to “Not live your life in fear” , make the  most of your day and love unconditionally” as well as the old adage that states  “A hero dies but one death , while a coward essentially dies a thousand deaths.”

Edge of Tomorrow is a solid performance for Actor Tom Cruise and also is a noteworthy Summer Blockbuster for 2014. The film may not be poised for any awards however it has received additional praise worth reviews from other outlets. If you are looking for a visually stunning, action packed  Science Fiction film  you might consider making Edge of Tomorrow part of your movie night !