Monday, September 8, 2014

America: Imagine the World Without Her ~Movie Review

“A strong, emotionally gripping and often cathartic documentary offering an eye opening look at America’s  fall from grace”

America: Imagine A World Without Her explores  the origins of America as well as the moral decay that had greatly influenced and corrupted her. Throughout the documentary director Dinesh D’Souza personifies America while offering a glimpse into an often somber yet realistic look at the issues of past and present affecting the nation.  The film has a distinct conservative point of view that uses newsreel, interviews, footage and reenactments to establish it’s message. 

Although it is a documentary the film often depicts violent battles, with rifles, battles and on camera deaths as well as speeches by some of America’s most renowned Founders and Leaders. The director’s main message is that extreme leftist have plotted and enacted an ongoing campaign to shame, undermine and ultimately cause the downfall of America’s values by “suicide” from within.  How this film will be perceived largely depends on the viewers preexisting attitude and beliefs however it is safe to say that D’Souza makes some compelling arguments as well as statements that lends it way to proven facts.

The film discusses topics such as Capitalism, Racism, Slavery, Prohibition, Organized Crime, Assassinations and more. It doesn’t shy away from any of the big topics and though it has some elements that we didn’t quite agree with, most of the stated grievances and observations are a true reflection of the slow decay of the nation. 

Released July 2, 2014 in theaters across the U.S. America: Imagine A World Without Her hits Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download  this Fall. The film’s companion piece is a book by the same name and is now available in stores as well as online retailers .  Fans of this film should also check out 2016:Obama’s America which is also written by Dinesh D’Souza.