Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Premiere Recap

*Warning Spoilers Ahead

The Season 5 Premiere of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire picks up seven year’s after the events of Season 4. There is a brief flashback to Nucky’s childhood at the beginning of the episode that shows his early upbringing in the year 1884. During the events we see a young Commodore, Nucky’s mother , father, younger brother Eli and his younger sister who is dying of Polio. Nucky’s mother lends a very impactful voice over at the beginning of the episode that sets the ominous tone for the remainder of the show.

The year is 1931 and the repeal of Prohibition is nigh. Chalky White is in jail doing hard labor for his part in the criminal events leading up to the shooting on the Boardwalk last season. While Nucky and Sally Wheat are in Havana, Cuba cutting deals with the powers that be for exclusive rights to Bacardi Rum. Nucky’s estranged wife Margaret is living in New York City , still working for a corrupt Wall Street Broker.

One of the most shocking deaths in the night’s episode comes when Margret’s supervisor commits suicide shortly after rousing the office with an inspiring story about Mickey Mouse and the power of perseverance. His death, although ill-timed shows the direction of the post prohibition- pre depression era that many of the characters are feeling. Surprisingly Nucky runs into Meyer Lansky in Cuba who informs him that Arnold Rothstein is dead. Much to Nucky’s Chagrin, Lansky has placed a hit out on him in attempt to absorb his territory.

Later we are treated to the escapades of Lucky Luciano who has established himself in Coney Island, New York. He meets with Joe Masseria to discuss territory agreements when the two of Lucky’s men fire 20 rounds into Joe Masseria at close range , killing him. Later that evening in The Bronx, NY Lucky Luciano is accepted into the Mafia via a blood truce ceremony.

The episode ends with Chalky’s escape from prison and Nucky escaping a failed assassination attempt. With this being the final season for the HBO crime drama, only one thing is certain “No one goes quietly”.

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