Sunday, September 28, 2014

Recap: FOX Sports Network MLB Saturday

New York Yankees @ Boston RedSox Game #1

Fenway Park- Boston dominated the game 9-0 through the Top of the 7th. A score  by the Yankees late in the bottom of  the 7th narrowed Boston’s lead  however Boston quickly put another point on the board making it a 10-1 game.  Through the Bottom of the 9th ,  the Yankees scrambled to secure a win but all attempts proved fruitless as the RedSox’s maintained their lead.

A quick but few good plays by New York’s Joe Kelly helped to bridge the gap but time was the ultimate foe as The Yankee’s ended up falling to Boston 10-4.

FOX Sports Network released a statement claiming that  The “Captain” Derek Jeter is looking to get into book publishing upon retiring and has started making plans towards his goal.

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