Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: No Good Deed

No Good Deed recently hit number one at the box office this past weekend by pulling in an impressive $24 million in ticket sales. Why? Because even though it’s predictable, it truly has all the Hollywood clich├ęs’, and a storyline we’ve all seen before yet  it still GETS YOU! 

Starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, No Good Deed is a star studded  suspense thriller true to its genre.  No Good Deed which is the latest project from Will Packer Productions, is a  film  about a home invasion by an escaped convict played by Elba who gives an amazing turn as the menacing, lethally dangerous predator. Henson plays the titular neglected housewife and mother who’s clearly his prey.

Truthfully the novelty of this film comes in the form of two really good black actors starring in this very intense thriller, particularly the pairing of Henson and Elba. In addition there’s an interesting twist which frames the whole purpose of Elba’s character in the story. Henson’s character is the ultimate damsel-in-distress super heroine here and the audience is with her! Henson brings enough intense strength and fear that movie-goers can’t help but become her as she fights to escape Elba’s captivity. Throughout the film Henson proves to be no push over as she is in constant physical altercation with her predator. During one highly tense scene, where Henson appears to be winning, Elba is down and she pauses but in thriller fashion the killer always comes back.

This is just one of the  twist that raises the stakes and dents the obvious ending (although we’re not telling that end here). The typical movie-goer is compelled to get to the end to find out why? But it’s the rollercoaster ride compelling you to stay strapped in. So it’s worth going to see because of the entertaining value of it. . Go see it – it’s a great film and a heck of a roller coaster ride !