Friday, October 24, 2014

Recap: MLB World Series Game 2: Kansas City Royals Vs. San Francisco Giants

  "The Kansas City Royals Rally To Tie The Series After A Crushing Defeat By The Giants In Game 1."
Kauffman Stadium- Game 2 of the world series proved to be a wake up call for the Royals who had previously not lost a home game in over a month. The Giants' Blanco scored the first run of the night to open the game 1-0. Kansas City returned the favor with a run of their own to tie the game at the bottom of the 1st.

Kansas City kept the momentum going with another run at the top of the 3rd for a lead of 2-1. The Giants then scrambled to tie the game making it 2-2 at the top of the 4th. Kansas City was able to break away at the bottom of the 6th to regain the lead 3-2. San Francisco battled ferociously but was unable to recover after a 3 run lead and home run by Kansas City at the top of the 7th. The Giants ended up falling to The Royals 7-2 in Game 2.
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