Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Season 3 Premiere Recap: Arrow

"New and old  heroes unite to take down old villains  the season 3 premiere of Arrow". 

   Arrow returned to the CW  Wednesday, Oct. 8, with the Season 3 premiere of the hit comic-action series. In the Season 3 premiere of "Arrow," Oliver tried to better balance being his alter ego  Arrow as well as being Oliver Queen, surprisingly he also asked Felicity out on a date. However things got complicated when a new villain, Vertigo (Peter Stormare), arrived in Starling. 

   The episode was stacked with cameos from Ray Palmer aka The Atom played by Superman Returns star Brandon Routh as well as Barry Allen aka The Flash played by Grant Gustin. In addition to the titular cameos the audience was also treated to Easter eggs that included Ferris Industries, Wildcat Boxing and a very polished Roy Harper as Red Arrow/ Arsenal . The sudden death of  Sara Lance aka The Cannery was quite the episode cliffhanger and leaves much anticipation as to who will fill her role this season.

    With a great season 3 premiere as well as additional castings in the Arrow line up, this will make for one very loaded season ! What did you think of the Season 3 Premiere ? Tweet your thoughts to @WITINRADIO