Monday, December 29, 2014

Man Claiming to Be Jay From ‘Serial’ Wants to Set the Record Straight

   If you listened to the wildly popular Serial true-crime podcast, than you are familiar with Jay—perhaps the series' most perplexing character. The state’s primary witness testified against his classmate Adnan Syed, telling the court that he knew Syed was guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, because he helped bury her. As the podcast made clear, though he apparently knew key facts related to the case, part of the reason Jay is such an interesting element of the story is that his testimony changed several times. Though reporter Sarah Koenig was able to track Jay down, he refused to be interviewed on tape, but did answer some of her questions when she showed up at his house. Earlier this week, a man claiming to be Jay, made the following post on Facebook [sic throughout], which has since been deleted:

   For the followers of the serial podcast produced by Sarah Koenig: I will make my self available for one interview : 1st, to answer the question of the the people who I hope are concerned with the death of Hae Min Lee (the person who’s paid the ultimate price for Entertainment). 2nd, to out this so called reporter for who she truly is.

  It’s still not clear who would conduct the interview, or when (or even if) it will take place. In the final episode of the series, posted a week ago, Koenig said that the Innocence Project was attempting to have DNA samples related to the case tested in hopes of exonerating Syed .

Jay From 'Serial' Finally Has Some Things to Say.
For Serial-heads, one of the biggest pieces of Sarah Koenig's puzzle is "the deal with Jay," Adnan Syed's chief accuser in the 1999 murder of 18-year-old Hae Min Lee. (If none of this looks familiar to you, might we suggest you start here, because it's a long story.) Listeners know that Jay Wilds' single interview was not exactly revelatory, and the holes in his narrative never seemed to totally square with the evidence that actually put Syed away.

Now, after all but stonewalling Serial, Jay has given his first open interview to The Intercept, with a yet another new outline of the day's events. It's not a wild departure from his previous story, but there are a few key changes. In the new version, Jay maintains that he picked up Adnan from the Best Buy parking lot, but says he didn't see Hae's body until later, at his grandmother's house (he says he kept this detail a secret to protect her). He also says he wasn't with Adnan all day, as he originally claimed, and says the holes in his story are there because he wasn't fully willing to cooperate with the police. Read the first part of the interview here .