Monday, January 19, 2015

Film Review: American Sniper

"Powerful, Somber, Poignant. American Sniper is Clint Eastwood's Best Film To Date."

  I have always been intrigued by war. The topic is often times gritty and very controversial but something that has always drawn me to it , is that life it's self sometimes feels like a war. Most of us are at war with vices, or even our own emotions and tumultuous mental battles. The newest film , American sniper by Actor/ Director Client Eastwood is a gritty yet realistic portrayal of the late Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle. The film portrays  many of the same qualities of its predecessors' film/book Lone Survivor. Having read the autobiography of the same name, I feel as though the film does a great job of capturing the complex character that Chris Kyle had. Overall Kyle seemed like a humble Texas man that loved God, his country and; his family.
  Yet there’s no denying that Clint Eastwood is a wonderful actor and, a pretty excellent film director —  the man  gave us High Plains Drifter (1973), Sudden Impact (1983), and the brilliant Unforgiven (1992). (Mr. Eastwood has directed well over thirty features since 1971, and one could argue that more than half of them are good or better.)
  Make no mistake: the late Chris Kyle is an American hero. On the battlefield he saved countless lives with his outstanding marksman skills (the most lethal sniper in US history), and then (after four tours of duty as a Navy SEAL) he returned home, only to be killed by an emotionally unbalanced war veteran in 2013.
  Bradley Cooper does a fine job of creating a plainly noble and heroic character, and Sienna Miller often manages to transcend her role as Chris’ fiercely loyal yet frequently unhappy wife. The film does a great job on showing the flawed man that Chris Kyle was but also shows the man that he strived to be. The most powerful thing about American Sniper is not just the intense action sequences but the story of brotherhood amongst warriors as well as the power of family and love.