Sunday, January 25, 2015

Film Review: NightCrawler

"Nightcrawler explores some of our society's deepest and most plaguing issues regarding narcissism, the need to be famous and success at the cost of others"

Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a man looking for anything that he can turn into a career and he will go to any lengths to be successful.The movie is set in Los Angeles and almost all the scenes are at night.Gyllenhaal's character Lou Bloom runs into a crash scene where Bill Paxton is shooting video to sell to local news stations.So Lou buys some gear and starts selling his footage to a morning show where Rene Russo is in charge and is so desperate to keep her job she will buy anything no matter how unethical the footage is.Lou does some really despicable things to get best crime footage possible over his competitors.In doing so he pulls in Riz Ahmed's character Rick into his business venture.

During the movie i found myself paying extra attention to see if Lou ever blinked.
I will say it was rare.Gyllenhaal's performance is so good!
Here is why I believe this  movie is Oscar worthy:
Number one... the acting.
There were many times i forgot it was Gyllenhaal in this role he is good.
Riz Ahmed's performance is also noteworthy.
Number two... I like the way the film was shot in how when the character arrives at a crime scene you see it through his camera first unlike seeing it from a normal film perspective.
And number three... I liked the unconventional ending, but some might not.
The movie is rated r for violence, graphic images and language and runs 117 minutes.