Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vinyl Is The New Netflix of Music

   Vinyl is all the rage. We recently reported on the huge number of vinyl albums purchased in 2014, and if you’re longing to expand your collection or simply to experience the joy of playing a record, you might want to try VNYL. The rental service just got funded through Kickstarter and is essentially Netflix for vinyl albums but with a few differences–one of those being that VNYL has a little more personality. The services seems to focus on the curated experience of listening to music just as much as the business of lending titles.

     VNYL has a library of albums, but you don’t choose the specific records you receive. You choose your favorite “#Vibes,” and VNYL curates a selection of albums for you. The #Vibes/categories include #gamenight, #lazysaturday, #cooking, #work, and more. VNYL will ship three 12″ LPs inspired by your chosen vibes to your doorstep each month. Based on the Kickstarter rewards, it looks like the cost is roughly $10 per month. You can keep the records as long as you like, and if you fall in love with one of the albums, you can opt to purchase it for around $12/album. You can send back any albums that you don’t care for.
    Back to that experiential aspect: each record comes with a paper sleeve insert. Borrowers are encouraged to write thoughts and memories about the records they listen to on the sleeve so the vinyl’s journey is documented. It’s like a guest book, and I think it’s a nice personal touch.VNYL is invite only right now, but you can request an invitation and get on the waiting list. They’re kicking off shipments next month, and I expect they’ll open enrollment for more subscribers soon.

What do you think of VNYL? Would you try out a service like this? Let us know in the comments!