Monday, May 25, 2015

Date Night Movie Review: Katt Williams: Priceless Afterlife

"Katt Williams returns with one of the funniest yet poignant stand up Comedy special's to date"

It has been a tumultuous few years for the critically acclaimed comedian however this new HBO stand-up special marks a turning point and a return to greatness for the 'King of Comedy'. You could say that this is the single most important, timely stand-up special of 2014/2015 has come from Katt Williams.

It's true that time is a maturing factor for most people; outside of all the glamour, the circumstances of this particular celebrity comedian have changed drastically since most last he saw him at the top of his game. And even back then, nobody who hoped for a Katt Williams comeback might have guessed he'd do so quite triumphantly as he does in Katt Williams, Priceless: Afterlife, which debuted on HBO and is now available  at Redbox.

Throughout the special the "gloves are off" as Katt Williams discusses everything and all things ranging from Racism, religion, the relationship between the medical community and the pharmaceutical companies, sex and homophobia, escape through reality TV, and more racism -- but most poignantly, Williams targets the police.
Another thing that makes this special so riveting is that it debuted during the height of rioting in Ferguson, Mo., where a local deputy shot and killed a black teenager in the street, and in the aftermath, racial tensions were exposed and inflamed by other citizens and the media rushing in to expose and/or exploit the situation. Law enforcement armed up even more in military fashion.

Director Spike Lee does an amazing job capturing Williams in his finest moments .

One of the comedian's  first joke was not about himself but was about Oklahoma tornadoes, and how we move on from them.
I applaud Katt Williams performance as it shows he is a man with things to say about issues affecting people all over the world. Williams tackles comedy in the truest sense of being able to see things for what they are while laughing at them.