Monday, May 18, 2015

Recap: The 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Las Vegas hosted the 2015 Billboard Music Awards which proved to be quite the spectacle once again. Let's just say that who ever was in charge of the censor button in Master Control for the broadcast of yesterday night's Billboard Music Awards , probably went a little bezerk when Kanye West hit the stage, leaving most of his set filled with extended moments of complete silence, prompting many viewers at home to wonder whether their TV sets were broken.

"Doctor" Kanye West took to the stage to perform both new song “All Day”, from his upcoming album,Swish and Yeezus track “Black Skinhead”, but between the trigger-happy censor and the crazy amount of pyrotechnics, the whole thing was both hard to hear and difficult to see. At least for millions of viewers at home.  The camera man definitely made sure to show the audience that, J.Lo seemed to be into it.

According to Billboard, Kanye was also booed during the song’s intro and at the end of his set.
Despite the many flaws in Kanye's performance, the 20 or so words you can actually hear are pretty great though, even if you’re not sure what’s quite being said.
Of course the night went to the much beloved Taylor Swift, who dominated the Billboard Music Awards with eight wins, including top artist.Taylor Swift also won top Billboard 200 album for "1989" and top female artist Sunday night.One Direction, which recently downsized to four members, won the night's first award for top duo/group. They also won top touring artist.Iggy Azalea won top rap song for "Fancy" as her NBA player boyfriend, Nick Young, watched her with emotion. Azalea also won top streaming artist and rap artist. Van Halen was the night's first performance and rocked the crowd with its 1984 hit "Panama." Mariah Carey sang her first hit, "Vision of Love,"  Sam Smith was not in attendance, Smith, who recently had vocal surgery, didn't attend the show. He wrote his thank you speech on cue cards, which aired via video when he won top male artist.

The Simple Minds performed "Don't You (Forget About Me)" from "The Breakfast Club," which is celebrating 30 years. Molly Ringwald introduced the band and stood next to Swift in the audience while they performed. 

The best moment of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards was a special performance by Charlie Puth, who performed "See You Again" with Wiz Khalifa later in the show.