Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tech News: ‘Witness’ App Allows Public To Live-Stream Crimes As They’re Happening

Mobile Developer Marinos Bernitsas’ Witness app was released yesterday in the ioS App Store It’s essentially a live-streaming app that will alert your emergency contacts when you’re in trouble using video footage, allowing them to “witness” the potential danger that you’re in.

Its concept is undoubtedly  useful, allowing for video documentation of crimes while also allowing emergency contacts to view the location of the individual sending out an alert.The app itself is user friendly, allowing you to add a selection of emergency contacts, offering you a preview of your phone’s camera and allowing you to press your device’s screen in order to send those contacts an alert, shooting them a text containing a link to follow in which they can watch your recording and view your location.

You can download it on iTunes right here.