Monday, July 27, 2015

Updated Stats On America's Gun Violence

Last week's tragic shooting at a movie theater in Louisiana, that ended with two people killed and dozens injured when a gunman opened fire, was just the most recent in an apparent spike of gun violence. Last week, also saw a fatal shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee when a lone gunman attacked several service men. A third incident occurred earlier this month when a gunman orchestrated a massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, at a historic AME church.

Here is a brief compiled list of the statistics about gun violence in the United States , and boy are they staggering.

Additional Facts & Resources

Since 2011, there has been a public mass shooting, on average, every 64 days (counting only shootings where four or more victims were killed).

Between direct medical costs, lost quality of life and lost wages and productivity, Gun violence costs the American economy $229 billion each year—that's $700 per American.

At least 750,000 Americans were injured by a gun in the last 10 years. 320,000 were killed.

Gun Control is getting less popular. A 2013 Gallup poll found 37 percent of Americans thought gun laws were fine as-is, and 49 percent thought they needed to be more strict. As a comparison, in 1990, 17 percent thought gun laws were fine as-is, and 78 percent thought they needed to be more strict.

There are 5.5 million firearms made in the U.S. every year.

In 2014, 31 percent of American households (and 38 percent in the South) reported having a gun.