Saturday, September 19, 2015

MegaFest15: Film Review: "Captive"

‘Captive’ Is Tense &  Shaky but remains true to the Real-Life Narrative

  Captive is a  new faith based thriller centered around the life of Ashley Smith. Smith (Played by Fantastic Four's Kate Mara) is a recovering methamphetamine addict seeking to reunite with her daughter,when she finds herself at a Celebrate Recovery meeting. Even though her life is a mess, Ashley is quick to toss out a copy of Pastor Rick Warren‘s The Purpose Driven Life, even though it is recommended to her by a friend. The book finds its way back to her, however, and proves to be a God given asset when she is taken hostage by a fugitive on trial for sexual assault.

Brian Nichols (Played by David Oyelowo), a paranoid schizophrenic awaiting sentencing, escapes custody by killing multiple government employees. With his motives remaining a mystery, he disappears after a breif stint on the streets of his home town of Atlanta. Desperate for a place to lie low, Brian forces his way into Ashley’s apartment. During the course of a tense evening and a strangely cordial morning, the pair of them tackle Warren’s rhetoric and the challenge of faith in a broken world on their way to a tense yet unorthodox standoff and final surrender.
I would say that the elements of this film are quite compelling  and honestly a step up for Christian media. It’s unafraid to tackle a gritty realism that others faith based  shy away from, discussing violence and addiction in an honest light without trying to white wash them with standards about faith and the power of God. Both Oyelowo and Mara are powerfully human, with a rare, uneasy chemistry filling each scene encounter. 
There are many things to celebrate in this film,. I  believe that this is a film that should be seen in the Theater as the average rental or streaming audience won’t be disappointed to have invested their time in such a groundbreaking film.