Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: Hunger Games MockingJay Pt. 2

"Hunger Games MockingJay Pt. 2 Is Not The Best Film In The Series, Yet Still A Strong Finish." 

The new film marks the  final installment in the hugely popular Hunger Games series.

In short; the war continues, the politics continues all while beloved Katniss is the face of the rebellion and is struggling with the harsh reality of war.  Meanwhile heartthrob Peeta is still recovering from mass brainwashing. Trouble continues as the Capital is about to be attacked, the rebellion wants Katniss to stay in the safety of the base but she wants to be the one who puts an arrow through the heart of President Snow.

Here in the final part of the series Katniss has had enough of the war, and being a pawn in the game of chess being played by  the nihilist President Snow. With the head of the rebellion wanting her to stay behind the conflict to be a tool for the propaganda machine Katniss must defy the orders and head into danger. Approaching the Capital the leadership decides to send in the emotionally fragile Peeta with Katniss and Gale. The romantic triangle is ever present but not the main focus of the film as the battle comes to a very bitter end. Unfortunately friendships come to an end one way or another and Katniss must do the right thing for her.
The film has a very nice blend of action and drama here, surprisingly in the correct proportions to keep you on the edge of your seat. With the previous films, I feel as though  they often fell into the trap of having too much explanation and moody silences that the action was lost in the film, almost feeling out of place. Thankfully the mix here is better than before, it’s still not perfect, the overload of the action happens with the camera too close to get a good view of what is going on i n some scenes. You have to fill in a lot of the blanks with the action but you can quickly get the picture. Turning the invasion of the Capital into a Hunger Games of sorts giveing you a connection to the films of the series past. The gorgeous , Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss and all the surviving characters are either on screen or at least  mentioned. I believe that this might be  the last time we’ll see a new performance on screen from Philip Seymour Hoffman, sadly there is little here for him to do, I don’t know if he had finished filming his scenes before his untimely death, but there are only a few moments that you get to see him.
The performances from everyone are on par with their last roles of the dice with these characters. One gripe that I have is that the camera is too close to the action, as I mentioned above, however while frustrating this does bring you into the action a little bit more. The politics of the film are kept to a minimum until closer to the end of the movie, which manages to move the story along very well, and even at the close of the movie it’s all about bringing the world to a sensible conclusion. The violence that is used during the war is straight in your face with some good shocks along the way. With the story being what it is there are also deaths that you wouldn’t expect. The downside here is that the ending of the film felt rushed, strange when you think they split one book into two films, and even then you can write the ending in your head yourself. Telegraphing the ending like this lets down the film. I love action movies and this is the most action in the series. The talented cast lift what could have been an average movie into the realms of high above average. The fans of The Hunger Games, I’m pretty sure of this, will love the resolution of the series and as a viewer of the previous movies I feel as though you are travelling with Katniss and her love interests . I wanted more from the ending of the film, I wanted to feel totally complete, but you get a feeling that the film makers and film company are purposely leaving doors open to make this a cash cow in the future.
I believe  that the pay off of the last film is worth it.I am a champion for that, in seeing this final part of the series it gives us a reward for that. They saved the best for last and it was worth waiting for. Great entertainment all around !