Monday, January 11, 2016

Film Review: Kung Fury

Kung Fury, is a 31-minute, crowd funded 1980's inspired action comedy movie. The film was produced by Swedish studio ,Laser Unicorns. The studio launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the film and  it was able to raise $630,019 from what was originally a goal of just $200,000.

Kung Fury takes place in 1985 Miami but from the very first opening scene, which involves a cop car being flipped over by a skateboard, you can tell that you are going to be in for some physics-defying action and randomness. The main villain of the movie is none other than Adolf Hitler or "Kung F├╝hrer" in the movie because he has mastered the art of Kung Fu and only the chosen one Kung Fury can travel back in time and take him down.

The sound effects and music for the movie are of course something straight out of the 1980's. It sounds like everything was produced from a Yamaha keyboard . The 1980's TV icon, David Hasselhoff, wrote the lead track "True Survivor" and it even has its own music video. The special effects in the movie are actually the biggest break from the 1980's theme as the computer generated special effects and animation goes far beyond the technology they had in the 1980's, but this is not a bad thing.

The acting in the movie was great based on the how low the budget is. Written, directed and starring David Sandberg as the main character "Kung Fury" brings cheesy catch phrases and ultra violent action together into one great short film. The ending leaves open the possibility of a sequel. Overall Kung Fury is a fun movie to watch and might give you a case of nostalgia. The film is available on Netflix but you can also see the film via youtube using the player below.