Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Film Review: The Warriors

"The Cult Classic is still riveting, even today."

 The Warriors is definitely a movie I never thought I would, but I  sure was wrong ! A short while back I first saw this on Netflix and added it to my cue however I just decided to check it out. I'm so glad I did because I really love this movie and can honestly say that this is one of those movies that you just  have to check out for yourself to see if whether you like it or not.

The film's plot is quite simple yet very good. The Warriors are a New York City based street gang that get framed for killing a charismatic Gang Leader. This in turn causes all hell to break lose though out the city whilst putting the group of guys on run for their lives. One of the many things that keeps the film relevant even today is the level of action. The action in this film is really really good, your always on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.
The music throughout the film is also really good. Essentially it works for the film's background & keeps the movie alive. Another reason why this cult classic still resonates today is because just like in the film, America itself keeps reliving this very cycle of optimism/pessimism/cynicism in our national politics. With overwhelming numbers, we vote for change. Lately, Sanders, Clinton, Trump and Cruz all owe their popularity to "change"-oriented campaigns.

Yet very early into these periods of "change," powerful (and rich...) voices in the mass media re-assert the power of the entrenched establishment and scare voters about the very change we so enthusiastically and resolutely voted for. Instead of believing we can work together to make things better for everyone, we soon become mired in convenient scapegoats and ignorant beliefs. What's worse, sometimes are the people "pulling the trigger" on the future - on men like the film's antagonist Cyrus -- They often do it simply to be oppositional. In the film, when asked why he killed Cyrus, Luther answers "No reason. I just like doing things like that."

In "The Warriors",  just like in life, nothing seems to change  very fast. Cynicism supplants optimism, and the problems of any city or establishment just doesn't get solved. In the film, The Warriors heroically return home, but even home isn't so great anymore. "This is what we fought all along to get back to?" Swan asks, upon leading his people successfully back to Coney Island. Now a nearly abandoned world of graffiti, boarded-up shops and empty roads.
In its conclusion, The Warriors suggests a kind of desperation and yearning for change, since even the criminals -- not exactly a future-oriented crowd -- see that something must change, that revolution must come, to make things better in the City as a whole. Another good thing that I like about the film, is that it enforces the idea that Change, whether good or bad, usually Begins with One Person.
The Warriors is streaming now at Netflix.
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