Monday, February 15, 2016

Motivation Monday: Attitude is Everything

"Life can be a roller coaster of events and emotions that can leave one feeling depressed, angry or

Throughout life various situations may happen that cause a person to lose focus of what is most important in their life. Sometimes it is good to ask the question “why” because it gives one time to process their feelings and thoughts about a situation and to see it more clearly. An important point to remember is that despite the outcome or look of any bad situation, as a person you are still valuable and can be triumphant over the situation.

By taking a step back and looking at a situation from the vantage point of where one’s strengths are you can then see the value in yourself as well as the lesson to be learned from the situation. In doing this you are taking the situation or the dilemma and facing it head on and in essence are saying that you are more than the problem or hardship that you may be facing at that time.

Despite what may seem as insurmountable or difficult at times, things are or may seldom be as bad as one thinks they are. Studies have shown that only eight percent of the things we worry about are worth being concerned about. Many people with positive attitudes know this, therefore they do not waste time worrying, and they expend their energies on more positive activities. Here are several benefits to having a positive work attitude, and many ways to cultivate a positive attitude:
· Improved mental health – As a result you are more able to cope with stressful situations and in turn have the ability to inspire and motivate self and others.

· The ability to turn a challenge into an opportunity- By making less than ideal situations into better ones.

· Become a peer to fellow employees-Other employees will see you example of a positive attitude and adopt a positive attitude making it easier for everyone to get along in the workplace.

· Expect the Great- If you expect positive outcomes and results, you will usually get them, resulting in more success at work and in relationships.

· You develop resilience – Simply put, you gain the ability to bounce back from setbacks or the ability to stick to activities and see them through.

· Stronger immune system- A study from the University of Kentucky showed that optimism has its benefits. The study showed stronger cell-mediated immunity, the flood of immune cells that respond to an invasion by foreign viruses or bacteria. When optimism dropped, so did cell-mediated immunity.
A change in attitude may not happen overnight but if you embrace a change in attitude the rewards can be limitless. Be sure to take time each day to cultivate a positive attitude and practice it until it becomes second nature to you.